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About Social Syndication Software

Social Syndication Software includes any type tool or script that helps users distribute and publish new web content to multiple Social Media Networks and Social Bookmarking sites. This type of software works particularly well for bloggers and other content marketers looking to share their new website content (blog posts, videos, news etc.) on multiple Social feeds, without having to manually login and post to each destination. Other common features of Social Syndication Software includes: RSS autoposting, built-in spinning features, and tracking/reporting. Additionally, some Social Syndication Platforms also offer “crowd” marketing options, where users can promote their social content to other members (for them to like or share) in order to increase social signals and exposure. Most Content Syndication tools are priced on a monthly access basis and offer either a free trial or limited basic access to test out the software/service before committing to a purchase. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Social Syndication Software/Tools currently available.

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Social Syndication Software


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Date Listed:June 16, 2013

Price:Free limited access, $97 /mo Pro, $147 /mo Enterprise

About:Synnd ( is an award winning cross channel social syndication and content distribution application first released in 2008 by Social Media Science, LLC. Synnd's modules include Social Bookmarking, Social News, Video Distribution, Facebook, Twitter, more »


Date Listed:December 09, 2014

Price:Free basic, starting @ $39.95 /mo premium

About:TribePro ( is a content syndication tool and platform first developed in 2010 by Jordan Schultz and Staci Gauny. TribePro allows users to syndicate their website content across dozens of Social Networks and Bookmarking more »


Date Listed:December 09, 2014

Price:Free trial, starting @ $9.95 /mo

About:WeOnTech ( is a content distribution platform first developed in 2011. WeOnTech allows users to easily distribute and publish content to multiple Social Networks, Social Bookmarking sites, and blogs with a single click. WeOnTech more »


Date Listed:December 10, 2014

Price:Starting @ $75.00 /year

About:The Nextscripts Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) API ( is a powerful content syndication script which provides autoposting features to 25 top social networks including Google+, Facbook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Reddit, YouTube, Blogger, and more »


Date Listed:December 10, 2014

Price:$1.00 trial, starting @ $12.00 /mo

About:SociSynd ( is a Social Media syndication tool developed by Ahmed Ravji in 2013. The SociSynd system helps users distribute their content and generate Buzz on authority Social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, more »


Date Listed:March 22, 2013

Price:7 day free trial, starting @ $12.99 /mo

About:OnlyWire ( is a popular Social Network and Social Bookmarking syndication tool first developed in 2006. OnlyWire allows users to easily publish their content on up to 51 social bookmarking and social networking sites. more »


Date Listed:December 09, 2014

Price:Free basic, starting @ $14.99 /mo (premium)

About:Syndr ( is a Social Media Syndication and Bookmarking platform developed in 2014. Syndr allows users to automatically syndicate and share their content on over 50 top Social Media Networks and Bookmarking sites, more »


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