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About Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter Marketing Services description and listings to be added soon…Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for category completion updates!

Twitter Marketing Services


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Date Listed:June 03, 2012

Price:$2.00 - $40.00 /hr or negotiated hourly or project pricing

About:The Odesk outsourcing platform ( has many contractors offering Twitter Marketing and Management services ( as well as other Social Media Marketing services. Hourly rates for contractors on Odesk offering Twitter Marketing/Management services generally more »


Date Listed:June 07, 2012

Price:$5.00-30.00 /hr or negotiated project pricing

About:Elance ( has several freelance contractors that offer Twitter Marketing Management services ( as well as other Social Media Management services, with hourly prices ranging anywhere from $5.00 to $30.00 an hour. Employers can more »


Date Listed:June 04, 2012

Price:Negotiated hourly of project pricing

About:Freelancer ( does not have many specific set priced Twitter Management Services listed on their Freemarket (, however, as one of the largest freelancer and crowdsourcing platforms online, with thousands of experienced marketing contractors, more »


Date Listed:September 26, 2013

Price:Starting @ $495.00 /mo

About:Twitter Marketing Agency ( description and reviews coming soon. more »


Date Listed:December 15, 2013

Price:Starting @ $99.00

About:Founded in 2006, Submit Edge ( is a large SEO firm out of India, providing a wide range of SEO, link building, Social Marketing and submission services including their Twitter Marketing Service ( The more »


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