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About Mobile Affiliate Networks

Mobile Affiliate Networks are performance based Mobile Advertising Networks that connect advertisers looking for CPA (cost per action) based mobile traffic and mobile publishers looking to monetize their mobile web or mobile app traffic with mobile targeted CPA offers. While the Mobile Advertising market has seen tremendous growth in recent years, mobile advertisers continue to often struggle with engaging mobile consumers and producing profitable CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impression) mobile ad campaigns. For mobile ad publishers, low CPM rates and unfilled ad inventory often remain ongoing challenges. Mobile Affiliate Networks can offer an ideal solution for the challenges both advertisers and publishers face. For Advertisers, Mobile Affiliate Networks can offer higher returns by allowing them to define their desired action (lead, call, sale, install, registration, etc.) and set a specific amount for what they are willing or able pay for each action. For mobile publishers (affiliates), Mobile Affiliate Networks can be an ideal solution to fill and potentially monetize any unused ad inventory by publishing attractive hand selected mobile offers. Specific CPA (cost per defined action) models often available with Mobile Affiliate Networks include: CPS (cost per sale), CPL (cost per lead), CPI (cost per app install), and CPC (cost per call). Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Mobile Affiliate Networks currently available. Listed separately are Mobile Advertising Networks with more traditional CPC and CPM ad pricing and standard web Affiliate Program Networks, some of which offer mobile optimization options.

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Mobile Affiliate Networks


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Date Listed:August 19, 2013

Price:CPA, CPI (cost per app install)

About:YeahMobi ( is an exclusive Mobile CPA (cost per action) Affiliate Network founded by Peter Zou in 2011. With more then than 10,000 verified mobile affiliates (publishers) worldwide, YeahMobi is a leading option for more »


Date Listed:March 27, 2013

Price:CPC or CPM

About:Founded in 2006 by Terry Jackson & David Salgado, Admoda ( is Mobile Advertising network tailored specifically for mobile Affiliate and performance marketers. While not an affiliate network with the traditional performance based more »


Date Listed:August 19, 2013

Price:CPI (cost per install)

About:Founded in 2011, AppLift ( is a performance based (CPI) mobile app advertising network designed specifically for marketing Mobile game apps. Used by many of the top mobile game apps for user acquisition, more »


Date Listed:August 22, 2013

Price:CPA (CPS, CPL and CPI)

About:MobPartner ( is a leading global Mobile Affiliate Network founded by Guillaume Alabert & Vianney Settini in 2007. For mobile advertisers and agencies, MobPartner offers a truly risk free performance based advertising solution to more »


Date Listed:August 22, 2013


About:Based out of Cologne, Germany, KissMyAds ( is a popular Mobile Affiliate Marketing Network founded by Florian Lehwald in 2010. Based on their advanced web technology, KissMyAds provides Mobile Advertisers, Mobile Publishers and Mobile more »


Date Listed:August 22, 2013

Price:CPA (CPS & CPL)

About:Linking Mobile ( is a performance based Mobile Advertising Network founded in 2010 by David Philippson. Linking Mobile has worked with several of the worlds top brands to help drive mobile commerce sales. With more »


Date Listed:August 22, 2013


About:Established in 2010, OfferMobi ( is the first U.S. based Mobile Performance Advertising Network. For advertisers OfferMobi helps take advantage of the mobile web to reach the right consumer with the right message at more »


Date Listed:August 22, 2013

Price:CPA, CPL, or CPC

About:Founded in 2010, Moolah Media ( is a leading performance based mobile marketing network that focuses on mobile lead generation and customer acquisition. From the proprietary Moolah Media mobile advertising platform, publishers and advertisers more »


Date Listed:August 25, 2013


About:Wister ( is a privately held Mobile Affiliate Network based out of France and with operations now worldwide (London, Singapore, & Los Angeles). Wister was first established in 2003 as a mobile services editor more »


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