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Date Listed:September 23, 2015


About:In 2014, Instagram began rolling out and testing their sponsored advertising program - with a full self serve platform now available globally for all businesses. Instagram Ads ( are available in a Image, Video, more »


Date Listed:September 16, 2015

Price:Not Published

About:Nanigans Software ( is a multichannel (Facebook, Instragram, Facebook exchange, and Mobile exchange) Social advertising automation SaaS founded in 2010. Nanigans is a certified and top selling Facebook ad partner, specializing in Facebook Exchange more »


Date Listed:September 15, 2015

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $500 /mo ( is a powerful automated Facebook and Instagram advertising platform first released in 2013. features included predictive budget allocation, ad rotation, cross account analytics, a dedicated account manager, and many is more »


Date Listed:September 15, 2015

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $9.97 /mo

About:The PageModo Facebook Ads Tool ( is a Facebook Ads Manager and Ad Designer released by PageModo in 2015. PageModo a popular Facebook Fan Page management and design software application owned by VistaPrint and more »


Date Listed:September 14, 2015

Price:Free trial, starting @ $80.00 /mo

About:Catvertiser ( is a Facebook advertising automation and optimization tool released in late 2013. Catvertiser features include a CPA bidding model, Google analytics integration, auto ad creation, bulk upload, multi-product ads, automatic post advertising, more »


Date Listed:September 14, 2015

Price:Free demo, starting at $399 /mo

About:adSpringr ( is a Facebook Ads Management and Optimization tool developed and released by AKG Technologies in 2013. Key features of adSpringr include ad creation (ad cloning, target merging, image tagging and repository creation), more »


Date Listed:September 13, 2015

Price:Starting @ $29.00 /mo

About:RankWatch ( is a popular cloud based Rank SEO Keyword Rank Monitoring and SEO management Software. Founded by Sahil Kakkar in 2012, RankWatch has quickly grown and is now used by thousands of businesses more »


Date Listed:September 05, 2015

Price:Free trial, Starting at $1,250.00 /mo

About:StitcherAds ( is a self-serve Facebook advertising platform – geared towards allowing online retailers to optimize and scale direct response ads. StitcherAds allows retailers to target and retarget customers quickly, automate ad creation from more »


Date Listed:September 05, 2015

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $49.00 /mo

About:AdEspresso ( is a popular Facebook Advertising testing and optimization platform founded by Massimo Chieruzzi in 2012. AdEspresso is geared towards providing small businesses with smaller Facebook ad spends an affordable solution for Facebook more »


Date Listed:December 10, 2014

Price:Starting @ $75.00 /year

About:The Nextscripts Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) API ( is a powerful content syndication script which provides autoposting features to 25 top social networks including Google+, Facbook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Reddit, YouTube, Blogger, and more »


Date Listed:December 10, 2014

Price:$1.00 trial, starting @ $12.00 /mo

About:SociSynd ( is a Social Media syndication tool developed by Ahmed Ravji in 2013. The SociSynd system helps users distribute their content and generate Buzz on authority Social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, more »


Date Listed:December 09, 2014

Price:Free basic, starting @ $39.95 /mo premium

About:TribePro ( is a content syndication tool and platform first developed in 2010 by Jordan Schultz and Staci Gauny. TribePro allows users to syndicate their website content across dozens of Social Networks and Bookmarking more »


Date Listed:December 09, 2014

Price:Free basic, starting @ $14.99 /mo (premium)

About:Syndr ( is a Social Media Syndication and Bookmarking platform developed in 2014. Syndr allows users to automatically syndicate and share their content on over 50 top Social Media Networks and Bookmarking sites, more »


Date Listed:December 09, 2014

Price:Free trial, starting @ $9.95 /mo

About:WeOnTech ( is a content distribution platform first developed in 2011. WeOnTech allows users to easily distribute and publish content to multiple Social Networks, Social Bookmarking sites, and blogs with a single click. WeOnTech more »


Date Listed:December 09, 2014

Price:Free branded control panel, posting packages starting at $42.95 per month

About:Retortal ( is a white label Social Media Management platform and content posting service geared towards agencies looking for SMM management solutions for their clients. Retortal was founded in 2013 in the UK and more »


Date Listed:December 09, 2014

Price:Free demo, pricing not published

About:Co-founded by Apu Gupta and Nick Shiftan 2012, Curalate ( is a marketing and analytics platform for the leading image based Social Networks (Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr). Curalate helps brands build brand awareness, drive more »


Date Listed:December 08, 2014

Price:Free demo, pricing not published

About:SocialFlow ( is a data driven organic and sponsored Social Media distribution network founded by Frank Speiser and Mike Perrone in 2009. SocialFlow uses real-time data to enable more timely and relevant social content more »


Date Listed:December 08, 2014

Price:Not accepting new customers

About:Wildfire ( is a popular enterprise level Social Media Marketing tool suite founded by Victoria Ransom in 2008. Wildfire is used by over 20,000 clients worldwide, including 30 of the world's 50 largest brands. more »


Date Listed:December 07, 2014

Price:60 day free trial, starting @ $49.00 /mo

About:Meet Edgar ( is a Social Media scheduling and management software developed by Laura Roeder and the LKR Social Media in 2014. Edgar helps users schedule their posts via a unique category based posting more »


Date Listed:December 07, 2014

Price:7 day free trial, starting @ $50.00 /mo

About:Buffer ( is a popular Social Media management application first developed by Joel Gascoigne and Leon Widrich in 2010. Buffer allows users to easily schedule Social Media content publication, collaborate with team members, and more »