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About Facebook Ad Management Software

Since the release of Facebook Ads in 2007 and Facebook's subsequent wide spread growth into most demographics, Facebook has established itself as a top web Advertising solution, second perhaps only to Google Adwords in terms of reach, volume, and targeting capabilities. With such growth, several Facebook Advertising Management Software solutions have been developed, enabling users to manage large campaigns and scale their ad spends more cost effectively on Facebook. Going beyond the limited features of Facebooks own Ad Manager, these tools and platforms provide an array of solutions to help create, manage, analyze, and optimize multiple Facebook ads and campaigns. Typical features of most Facebook Ad Management Software include: ad scheduling, automatic ad creation, bulk ad editing, ad rotation, conversion tracking, and reporting. Some of the more advanced Facebook Ad Management Applications include features to help automate optimization and bidding based on an ads performance. Additionally, some Facebook ad management Platforms now integrate with Twitter Ads and Instagram ads, to provide a complete multichannel Social Media Advertising management solution. Facebook Ad Management Software pricing is typically either a flat monthly fee or a percentage based of total monthly ad spend – with most offering a free trial or platform demo. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Facebook Advertising Management Software and Platforms currently available in 2015.

Facebook Ad Management Software


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Date Listed:September 05, 2015

Price:Free trial, Starting at $1,250.00 /mo

About:StitcherAds (stitcherads.com) is a self-serve Facebook advertising platform – geared towards allowing online retailers to optimize and scale direct response ads. StitcherAds allows retailers to target and retarget customers quickly, automate ad creation from more »


Date Listed:June 30, 2012

Price:% of total ad spend

About:Owned and operated by Adknowledge, AdParlor (www.AdParlor.com) is an original leader in Facebook Ad Campaign Management for large budget advertisers, offering both full-service managed solutions as well as their self-service platform. The AdParlor self-serve more »


Date Listed:September 14, 2015

Price:Free trial, starting @ $80.00 /mo

About:Catvertiser (www.catvertiser.com) is a Facebook advertising automation and optimization tool released in late 2013. Catvertiser features include a CPA bidding model, Google analytics integration, auto ad creation, bulk upload, multi-product ads, automatic post advertising, more »


Date Listed:June 30, 2012

Price:Free Trial, 2-5% of monthly media spend depending on volume

About:Acquired by Experian Marketing, Alchemy Social (http://www.experian.co.uk/marketing-services/products/alchemy-social) is a sophisticated tool for creating, managing and optimizing Facebook advertising campaigns. Some of the Alchemy's key features include: automated optimization at both ad and campaign levels, more »


Date Listed:September 05, 2015

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $49.00 /mo

About:AdEspresso (adespresso.com) is a popular Facebook Advertising testing and optimization platform founded by Massimo Chieruzzi in 2012. AdEspresso is geared towards providing small businesses with smaller Facebook ad spends an affordable solution for Facebook more »


Date Listed:July 01, 2012

Price:Free Trial, Starting @ $149 /mo

About:Established in 2005, Qwaya (www.Qwaya.com) is a social media marketing technology company focused on building Facebook advertising tools. The flagship Qwaya Facebook advertising application is a powerful, easy to use, and affordable Facebook advertising more »


Date Listed:September 15, 2015

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $9.97 /mo

About:The PageModo Facebook Ads Tool (www.pagemodo.com/facebook-ads) is a Facebook Ads Manager and Ad Designer released by PageModo in 2015. PageModo a popular Facebook Fan Page management and design software application owned by VistaPrint and more »


Date Listed:July 02, 2012

Price:% of ad spend based on volume

About:Kenshoo Social (www.Kenshoo.com/social) is a cross channel (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) Social Media Advertising management solution designed for advertisers and agencies looking to manage profitable social advertising campaigns effectively and efficiently. Part of the more »


Date Listed:September 16, 2015

Price:Not Published

About:Nanigans Software (www.nanigans.com/software) is a multichannel (Facebook, Instragram, Facebook exchange, and Mobile exchange) Social advertising automation SaaS founded in 2010. Nanigans is a certified and top selling Facebook ad partner, specializing in Facebook Exchange more »


Date Listed:July 01, 2012

Price:15 day free trial, 5% of monthly ad spend or 500 euoros /mo

About:Social Ads Tool (www.SocialAdsTool.com) is a advanced Facebook Advertising management and optimization platform tailored towards advertising agencies that manage multiple Facebook advertising campaigns. Some of the key features of the Social Ads Tool include: more »


Date Listed:September 15, 2015

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $500 /mo

About:Smartly.io (www.smartly.io) is a powerful automated Facebook and Instagram advertising platform first released in 2013. Smartly.io features included predictive budget allocation, ad rotation, cross account analytics, a dedicated account manager, and many others.Smartly.io is more »


Date Listed:September 14, 2015

Price:Free demo, starting at $399 /mo

About:adSpringr (www.adspringr.com) is a Facebook Ads Management and Optimization tool developed and released by AKG Technologies in 2013. Key features of adSpringr include ad creation (ad cloning, target merging, image tagging and repository creation), more »


Date Listed:June 28, 2012

Price:Free Trial, 5% of monthly ad spend, Minimum $499 /mo

About:Marin Software (www.MarinSoftware.com) is a leading provider of online ad management solutions, providing an integrated platform for managing Search, Display, and Social (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) Advertising campaigns. Marin Social (www.MarinSoftware.com/products-social) allows users to easily more »


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