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About QR Code Services/Software

QR (Quick Response) Codes are a type of barcode often used in Mobile Marketing campaigns to promote business offers or other mobile web content. For this purpose, QR Codes most often have an imbedded hyperlink which can be scanned by mobile devices (that have a QR reader app installed) to automatically redirect the mobile user to the desired mobile web content (coupon, promotion, contest, poll, mobile website, etc.). QR codes also have a wide range of other commercial and practical applications, including packaging, logistics, mobile payments, mobile ticketing, personnel identification, and more. In recent years, with the ever-growing usage of smartphones and the mobile web, QR codes have become a popular Mobile Marketing strategy for many businesses and organizations, both large and small. QR Code services/software typically include a QR code generator and the platform to create, track and manage their QR code marketing campaigns. Most QR Code software/services are available to try for free on a limited basis and are typically priced on a monthly basis for access to premium features and a higher volume of QR codes. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the Top QR Code Software and Services.

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QR Code Services/Software


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Date Listed:August 05, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, Starting @ $9.00 /mo

About:Barcode Connections (www.barcodeconnections.com) is a QR code design, management and tracking platform first established in 2010. Barcode Connections allows businesses and mobile marketers to design and manage all of their QR codes from one more »


Date Listed:August 05, 2013

Price:Free basic, $19 /mo business (30 day free trial)

About:Hipscan (www.hipscan.com) is a QR code generation and tracking platform founded by Bobby Marhamat in 2011. QR (quick response) codes are images that can be scanned by mobile devices to redirect the mobile user more »


Date Listed:March 17, 2014

Price:Free basic, starting @ $149.00 /mo premium

About:PassbeeMedia (www.passbeemedia.com) is a unique self-service mobile marketing platform that allows local business to quickly create, distribute, and market mobile QR codes and Apple and Android passbook offers. A basic version of PassbeeMedia is more »


Date Listed:August 05, 2013

Price:Free basic access, $11.95 /mo full access

About:QRStuff (www.qrstuff.com) is a free and easy to use QR code generator for businesses and organizations to use on t-shirts, businesses cards, stickers and other promotional material. QR (quick response) codes are are scannable more »


Date Listed:August 05, 2013

Price:5 day free trial, starting at $8.00 /mo for 10 QRs

About:MyQRAd (www.myqrad.com) is a QR code creation and tracking service/software founded by Daniel Burgos in 2011. With MyQRAd customers can easily create QR ads, track them, customize mobile friendly web pages/content, and capture email more »


Date Listed:August 06, 2013

Price:Free basis, starting @ $5.00 /mo premium, 30 day free trial

About:TrakQR (trakqr.com) is a QR code creation and management service founded in 2011 by Steven Trotter, Craig McCoy and Joseph Yancey. TrakQR features include an easy to use QR code generator, advanced reporting more »


Date Listed:December 19, 2012


About:The WP Coupon Generator (www.wpcoupongenerator.com) is a premium Wordpress Plugin designed for Creating and Managing Coupons and QR Codes. The plugin allows Wordpress users to create and Manage an unlimited number of QR code more »


Date Listed:August 05, 2013

Price:$35.00-$99.00 per QR code design

About:Founded in 2011, QRlicious (www.qrlicious.com) is a mobile marketing firm out of Denver, Colorado offering a custom QR code design service, a mobile landing page solution, and mobile marketing training. The QRlicious custom designed more »


Date Listed:March 24, 2013

Price:Starting @ $12.00 /mo (per Code/Site)

About:Qfuse (www.qfuse.com) is a premium QR code and NFC marketing system established by Jason Summerfield in 2011. Qfuse provides dynamic solutions to create and link QR codes and NFC Tags to mobile friendly web more »


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