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About Pinterest Marketing Software

In recent years Pinterest has emerged as a leading Social Bookmarking and networking Platform, especially amongst the female demographic – with approximately an 80% female user base. For many websites and businesses Pinterest can be a powerful tool to generate traffic, build brand recognition, and increase profitability. For those looking to automate, track, analyze, and further optimize their Pinterest Marketing efforts several Pinterest Marketing Software applications and plugins have been developed to aid in exactly this. Common features of Pinterest Marketing software include analytics, scheduled postings, and automated pinning, repinning, following, liking, and commenting. Listed below for user reviews and comparison the TOP Pinterest Marketing Software and Plugins currently available. Listed separately are Pinterest Training Programs.

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Pinterest Marketing Software


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Date Listed:December 09, 2014

Price:Free demo, pricing not published

About:Co-founded by Apu Gupta and Nick Shiftan 2012, Curalate ( is a marketing and analytics platform for the leading image based Social Networks (Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr). Curalate helps brands build brand awareness, drive more »


Date Listed:October 06, 2014


About:Auto Pinterest Marketer ( is a Pinterest Marketing software and Pinterest Marketing training program offered by IM developer Bertus Engelbrecht. The Auto Pinterest Marketer software is a standalone Windows based Software application that helps more »


Date Listed:October 07, 2014

Price:Starting @ $96.00 + $27.00 /mo

About:PinRanker ( is a Pinterest Marketing software and Pinterest Marketing training program released by Mark Dulisse in 2012. The PinRanker software is compatible on both PCs and Macs and includes a range of features more »


Date Listed:October 07, 2014


About:Convert PinPress ( is a Pinterest style Wordpress Theme released by the IM Wealth Builders team in 2012. In short, Convert PinPress allows users to replicate a Pinterest style website from the Wordpress platform. more »


Date Listed:October 07, 2014

Price:Starting @ $49.00 /year

About:The Pinterest Automated Posting script ( is a automated Pinterest Posting script and Worpress Plugin, which allows users to automatically post images from their website to their Pinterest accounts. The Pinterest Automated Posting Script more »


Date Listed:October 08, 2014

Price:Not Published (free demo)

About:Previously called Pinfluencer, Piqora ( is a complete analytics and marketing suite for the top image based social networks - Pinterest, Instagram, & Tumblr. First launched in 2013, Piqora is now used by many more »


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