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About Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a broad marketing term that generally refers to any type of marketing or advertising via mobile computing devices (smartphones, tablets, and other hand held devices). Some of the most common Mobile Marketing strategies include: Mobile Website Optimization (see Mobile Web Design Software or Mobile Web Design Services), Mobile App Development, Mobile App/Mobile Web Advertising, SMS/Text Marketing, and Mobile QR Codes/Coupons. With the overgrowing popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile web use is expected to soon surpass traditional desktop/laptop web use. For most businesses, web based or not, having an optimized mobile presence is no longer just a benefit but rather a necessity to stay competitive in their markets and reach their consumers on the go. As such, their are a large number and a wide range of Mobile Marketing services, software, ad networks, and training resources available to help businesses and organizations improve their mobile presence. Listed and organized within this category for user reviews and comparison are the Top Mobile Advertising Networks, Mobile Affiliate Networks, Mobile Marketing Books, Mobile Marketing Training/Courses, Mobile Website Software & Services, QR Code Generator/Services, SMS/Text Marketing Software, Wordpress Mobile Plugins, and Wordpress Mobile Themes. Listed within a separate category are Mobile App Development products and services.

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Mobile Marketing


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Date Listed:August 05, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, Starting @ $9.00 /mo

Sub-Category: QR Code Services/Software

About:Barcode Connections ( is a QR code design, management and tracking platform first established in 2010. Barcode Connections allows businesses and mobile marketers to design and manage all of their QR codes from one more »


Date Listed:August 26, 2013


Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Tutorials/Courses

About:Text Message Marketing Pro ( is a Text Message (SMS) Marketing training tutorial (eBook) written by Charles Brocato in 2011. Inside his guide "How To Make Money And Grow Your Business Using Text Message more »


Date Listed:March 27, 2013

Price:CPC or CPI, $50.00 minimum deposit (iAd Workbench)

Sub-Category: Mobile Advertising Networks

About:Established in 2010, iAd ( is Apple's IOS mobile advertising network which allows advertisers to publish Ads on IOS (Apple mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPhone touch) Apps and 3rd party app developers to more »


Date Listed:August 15, 2013


Sub-Category: Mobile Advertising Networks

About:Founded by Asher Delug in 2010, Airpush ( is a quickly growing and award winning private Mobile Advertising Network providing advanced solutions for both mobile advertisers and mobile developers (publishers). With over 10,000 live more »


Date Listed:August 06, 2013

Price:Free 30 day Trial, Starting @ $49.00 /mo

Sub-Category: SMS/Text Marketing Software

About:ExpressText ( is a SMS marketing platform established in 2010 by Mehul Patel. The ExpressText platform is easy to use and includes many features to easily set-up, manage, track and monitor SMS/Text marketing campaigns. more »


Date Listed:August 07, 2013

Price:Starting @ $3.00 /mo or pay-as-you-go

Sub-Category: SMS/Text Marketing Software

About:SimplyCast ( is a popular cross-channel marketing system, best known for their flagship Email Marketing Software, but also offering several other marketing solutions including their SMS Marketing Software ( The SimplyCast SMS Marketing more »


Date Listed:March 15, 2013

Price:$17.13 + s/h or $9.99 kindle edition

Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Books

About:Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are ( is a 360 page Mobile Marketing book written by Cindy Krum in 2010. Cindy Krum is the CEO and Founder of Rank-Mobile, LLC more »


Date Listed:March 15, 2013

Price:$17.99 + s/h or $2.99 kindle edition

Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Books

About:How To Build Your Own Mobile Web Site In One Day Or Less ( is a short 98 page Mobile Website guide written by Charlie Morelli in 2012. Charlie Morelli is an experienced web more »


Date Listed:March 15, 2014

Price:30 day free trial, $71.40 /year

Sub-Category: Mobile Website Building Software

About:SiteOnMobi ( is an easy to use Mobile Website platform that allows users to set-up and design quality mobile websites within minutes. SiteOnMobi works on all smart phones and other mobile devices and comes more »


Date Listed:December 19, 2012


Sub-Category: QR Code Services/Software

About:The WP Coupon Generator ( is a premium Wordpress Plugin designed for Creating and Managing Coupons and QR Codes. The plugin allows Wordpress users to create and Manage an unlimited number of QR code more »


Date Listed:August 22, 2013


Sub-Category: Mobile Affiliate Networks

About:Based out of Cologne, Germany, KissMyAds ( is a popular Mobile Affiliate Marketing Network founded by Florian Lehwald in 2010. Based on their advanced web technology, KissMyAds provides Mobile Advertisers, Mobile Publishers and Mobile more »


Date Listed:February 22, 2013

Price:$39 /year personal, $249 lifetime, $89 /year developer

Sub-Category: Wordpress Mobile Plugins

About:The HandHeld Mobile Plugin ( is a Wordpress Mobile Plugin offered from the ElegantThemes collection. The HandHeld Plugin is compatible with most themes, and serves an alternate layout to for mobile visitors, providing an more »


Date Listed:February 21, 2013

Price:$39 /year personal, $249 lifetime, $89 /year developer

Sub-Category: Wordpress Mobile Themes

About:Elegant Themes ( is a popular Wordpress Theme and Plugin development agency, providing multiple Mobile Ready Wordpress themes from their "Responsive" Gallery. The Elegant Themes responsive gallery currently includes 15 professionally designed Mobile and more »


Date Listed:August 26, 2013

Price:$1.00 30 day trial, then $96.00

Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Tutorials/Courses

About:SMS Marketing Secrets ( is a simple SMS marketing course created by Trevor Foster in 2011. Inside, Trevor teaches business owners exactly how to effectively utilize SMS (Text Message) Marketing to reach their customers more »


Date Listed:March 27, 2013

Price:CPC or CPM

Sub-Category: Mobile Advertising Networks

About:Founded in 2006 by Paul Palmieri and Chris Brandenburg, Millennial Media ( is a leading Mobile App Advertising Network with offices worldwide and headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Millennial Media is able to deliver more »


Date Listed:August 18, 2013

Price:CPC & CPM

Sub-Category: Mobile Advertising Networks

About:Established in 2010 by Julian Zehetmayr, MobFox ( is a leading European mobile advertising network and one of the 10 largest mobile networks worldwide. MobFox provides advertisers access to over 100 Billion monthly ad more »


Date Listed:August 06, 2013

Price:Starting @ $29.00 /mo or pay as you go

Sub-Category: SMS/Text Marketing Software

About:Ez Texting ( is a popular do-it-yourself SMS/Text Marketing platform launched in 2006 by Shane Neman. Ez Texting provides an affordable and easy way for businesses and organizations to market and communicate via mobile more »


Date Listed:June 03, 2012

Price:$10.00 - $50.00 /hr or negotiated hourly or project pricing

Sub-Category: Mobile Website Design Services

About:The Odesk outsourcing platform ( does have a few contractors offering Mobile Web Design services ( as well as other Web Design services. Hourly rates for Mobile Web Design contractors on Odesk generally ranges more »


Date Listed:March 15, 2013

Price:$18.24 + s/h or $16.99 kindle edition

Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Books

About:Mobile Marketing For Dummies ( is a 352 page Mobile Marketing guide co-written by Michael Becker & John Arnold in 2010. Michael Becker currently serves as the North American Managing Director for the Mobile more »


Date Listed:March 15, 2013

Price:$9.49 + s/h or $6.99 kindle edition

Sub-Category: Mobile Marketing Books

About:QR Codes For Dummies ( is a 120 page Mobile QR Code guide written by Joe Waters in 2012. Joe Waters is a Social Media and "Cause" marketing expert and is also the co-author more »


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