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About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In short, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of attempting to improve organic Search Engine Keyword Rankings for any webpage or website. SEO is a constantly evolving practice and very likely the most beneficial, most discussed, and most difficult aspect of Website Marketing. Traditionally, there are two key components of SEO – Off-Page SEO (all external SEO practices completed off a website, aka Link Building) and On-Page SEO (all internal SEO practices completed within a website). Further, SEO techniques can also be classified into two broad categories – White Hat SEO (SEO techniques that Search Engines recommend) and Black Hat SEO (SEO techniques that search engines do not approve of and may penalize for). Search Engine Ranking algorithms consistently change and evolve, particularly on the most widely used Search Engine, Google, which typically makes several hundred ranking algorithm changes per year. As such, the Google Spam team and most SEO experts today will agree – effective long term SEO should focus more on optimizing a website and it's content for user experience, rather then for the Search engines. Search Engine Optimization as a service is a multi-billion dollar B2B industry with thousands of Agencies, Service Providers, Software developers, Consultants, Contractors, and Trainers all trying to get a piece of the pie. It is also a highly unregulated industry, due to the nature of the service, where the only guarantee is that there is no guarantee. As such, business owners and other decision makers must be extra diligent in developing the right SEO strategies and choosing which SEO Services and Software to utilize. Listed and categorized within for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Full Services SEO Agencies, Off-Page SEO Services, On-Page SEO Services, Search Engine Submission Services, SEO Books, SEO Competitive Analysis Software, SEO Copywriting Services, SEO Copywriting Software, SEO eBooks & Video Tutorials, SEO Keyword Research Software, SEO Management Software, SEO Rank Tracking Software, SEO Training Courses, SEO/IM Forums, Video SEO Services, Wordpress SEO Optimized Themes, and Wordpress SEO Plugins.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


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Date Listed:March 10, 2013

Price:$14.36 + s/h or $2.99 kindle edition

Sub-Category: SEO Books

About:SEO Made Simple ( is a popular short 138 page Search Engine Optimization guide, last updated by Michael H. Fleischner in 2011. Michael Fleischner is a Online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert more »


Date Listed:July 17, 2013

Price:First 30 days free and then $33.00 /mo

Sub-Category: SEO Ebooks & Video Tutorials

About:The Keyword Academy ( is an SEO training program devloped by Court Tuttle and first released in 2008. Court is a successful blogger and website marketer and most noteably is the Founder and CEO more »


Date Listed:July 25, 2013

Price:$10.00 basic, $20.00 / year

Sub-Category: Top SEO/IM Forums

About:The WarriorForum ( is a popular Internet Marketing forum established by Allen Says in 1997 and purchased by Freelancer Technology Pty Limited ( in 2014. To date, the WarriorForum has over 750,000 members and more »


Date Listed:July 16, 2013

Price:Free registration, $89 for 6 /mo or $149 /year upgrade

Sub-Category: Top SEO/IM Forums

About:WebmasterWorld Forums ( is a popular and longstanding SEO and Internet Marketing forum founded by Brett Tabke in 1996. In 2012 WebmasterWorld was acquired by Jim Boykin, the founder and CEO of the DevShed more »


Date Listed:July 17, 2013

Price:$699.00 - $3,999.00

Sub-Category: On-Page SEO Services

About:The Yoast SEO Review service ( is a popular on-site SEO review service provided by Joost de Valk and his team at Yoast. Joost de Valk is a well respected and leading Wordpress SEO more »


Date Listed:July 19, 2013

Price:60 day free trial, $7.00-$40.00 /mo

Sub-Category: SEO Management Software

About:First released in 2006, SheerSEO ( is an SEO software that helps users automate and manage their SEO efforts from a single platform. Specifically, SheerSEO allows users to gather and monitor all of their more »


Date Listed:July 19, 2013

Price:$33 /mo basic, $66 /mo advanced, $123 /mo unlimited

Sub-Category: SEO Management Software

About:SEO Scheduler ( is an easy-to-use DIY SEO management software geared towards smaller businesses. SEO Scheduler automatically audits a users website and provides easy-to-follow instructions to improve Search Rankings with an SEO task scheduler. more »


Date Listed:May 25, 2012


Sub-Category: SEO Training Courses

About:Search Engine Optimization 201 ( is Search Engine College's advanced training course on the subject of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine College ( is an online training institution offering tutor supervised courses and self-study more »


Date Listed:July 17, 2013

Price:$97.00 Basic Course, $295.00 Pro Course

Sub-Category: SEO Training Courses

About:eMarketing University ( is an SEO and Internet Marketing training and certification program offered by the makers of the popular Web CEO SEO Management Software. eMarketing University offers 2 Internet marketing certification course levels, a more »


Date Listed:July 22, 2013

Price:$9.00 single use license, $30.90 multi-use license, $48.22 developer's license

Sub-Category: Wordpress SEO Plugins

About:1-Click WP SEO ( is a premium Wordpress SEO plugin developed by George Katsoudas in 2012. George claims his plugin to be Google panda, penguin, and hummingbird safe and has sold over 2,000 plugin more »


Date Listed:May 22, 2014

Price:Free basic, starting at $89.00 premium

Sub-Category: Wordpress SEO Plugins

About:The Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin ( is an extremely popular Wordpress SEO plugin developed by Joost de Valk and first released in 2009. To date, the Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin has been downloaded over more »


Date Listed:January 19, 2013

Price:7 day free trial, then $69.00 /mo

Sub-Category: SEO Keyword Research Software

About:The Wordtracker Keywords Tool ( is a popular keyword research tool offered by WordTracker, a Internet Marketing software development firm out of London, UK. The Wordtracker Keywords Tool is designed to easily identify long more »


Date Listed:September 13, 2015

Price:Starting @ $29.00 /mo

Sub-Category: SEO Rank Tracking Software

About:RankWatch ( is a popular cloud based Rank SEO Keyword Rank Monitoring and SEO management Software. Founded by Sahil Kakkar in 2012, RankWatch has quickly grown and is now used by thousands of businesses more »


Date Listed:July 20, 2013

Price:Free basic, $59.95 Pro version

Sub-Category: SEO Rank Tracking Software

About:CuteRank ( is a free keyword rank tracking tool first released in 2009. CuteRank batch checks keyword positions automatically on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and over 300 other local search engines. Other features of the more »


Date Listed:July 24, 2013

Price:$150.00 setup fee + $99.95 / month per domain

Sub-Category: SEO Competitive Analysis Software

About:Trellian Competitive Intelligence ( is a powerful competitive analysis software developed by Trellian Limited and first released in 2005. The Trellian Competitive Intelligence reports on 6 main CI factors: Link Intelligence (which websites are more »


Date Listed:July 22, 2013

Price:$87 Thesis Basic, $197 Thesis Pro

Sub-Category: Wordpress SEO Optimized Themes

About:Thesis Theme ( is a popular and powerful Wordpress Theme developed by DIYthemes and first released in 2008. To date over 57,000 customers have chosen the Thesis Theme to run their business website or more »


Date Listed:July 22, 2013

Price:Custom Pricing

Sub-Category: Full Service SEO Agencies

About:Brick Marketing ( is a Boston based SEO firm established in 2005 by Nick Stamoulis. With over 12 years of SEO and digital marketing experience Nick Stamoulis has worked with hundreds of businesses, in more »


Date Listed:July 23, 2013

Price:Custom quotes, Free website analysis

Sub-Category: Full Service SEO Agencies

About:WebiMax ( is an SEO and Internet marketing agency founded by Kenneth Wisnefski in 2008. Today along with Ken, WebiMax employs a team of over 100 digital marketing professionals across 3 countries, (USA, UK, more »


Date Listed:March 10, 2013

Price:$20.33 + s/h or $16.49 kindle edition

Sub-Category: SEO Books

About:Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day ( is a 432 page Search Engine Optimization book co-written by Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin and last updated in 2011. Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin are more »


Date Listed:July 24, 2013

Price:Free online version or $21.70 pdf

Sub-Category: SEO Ebooks & Video Tutorials

About:SEO in Practice ( is a free SEO eBook and training program authored by Dan Richmond and last updated in 2013. Dan has been involved in SEO for over 10 years and currently serves more »


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