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About Landing Page Software

Landing Page Software is either a downloadable program or web based application assist in creating, publishing, and/or split testing landing pages. Typical Landing Page Software features include a centralized management dashboard, easy to use drag n drop (WYSIWYG) landing page editors, access to professionally designed landing page templates, A/B split testing, and easy integration with email autoresponders and other marketing tools. Perhaps the key feature of Landing Page Software, A/B split testing allows users to test and compare multiple versions of a landing page to determine which one performs the best and provides the highest conversion rates for a defined action. Landing Page Software is typically priced on a monthly per visitor basis, with tiered volume packages. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the Top Landing Page Design and Optimization Software Applications currently available. Listed separately are Landing Page Templates, and Worpress Landing Page Plugins, and Landing Page Design services.

See also: Landing Page Wikipedia Description and Landing Page Optimization Wikipedia Description.

Landing Page Software


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Date Listed:July 28, 2013

Price:14 day free trial, free branded pages, starting at $14.00 /mo unbranded

About:InstaPage ( is a popular landing page building and testing software first released in 2011 and now used by over 30,000 businesses. InstaPage features include a landing page builder, over 50 professional landing page more »


Date Listed:April 22, 2014

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $95.00 /mo

About:ClickThroo ( is a landing page building and marketing platform released in 2012 by Dave Bird and Ignas Bernotas. The ClickThroo platform includes an easy to use landing page builder, over 100 professionally designed more »


Date Listed:July 28, 2013

Price:$1.00 7 day trial, starting @ 12.95 / month

About:PitchMagic ( is a landing page building software geared towards ClickBank® Vendors and Affiliates. Features of PitchMagic include hundreds of professionally designed landing page header templates, automatic formatting, drag and drop content blocks, built-in more »


Date Listed:July 28, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, starting @ $49 /mo

About:Unbounce ( is a popular and easy to use Landing Page building and testing software first released in 2009. Key features of Unbounce include an easy to use drag and drop (WYSIWYG) landing page more »


Date Listed:July 28, 2013

Price:Free trial, starting @ $25.00 /mo

About:Lander ( is a landing page building, publishing and optimizing software developed by Common Sense LLC (, an Argentinian Web App Development firm. Key features of the Lander App include an easy to use more »


Date Listed:July 25, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, starting @ $17.00 /mo

About:Optimizely ( is a landing page optimization software application that allows users to track and compare visitor engagement, conversions, clicks, leads, and other measurable actions on their web pages. By simply inserting a single more »


Date Listed:July 25, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, starting at $25.00 /mo (basic)

About:PageWiz ( is an easy to using landing page generation and optimization software developed by Arik Liberman in 2012. PageWiz features include an easy to use WYSIWYG Landing Page Design platform, a professional landing more »


Date Listed:February 21, 2013

Price:Free demo, $200 /mo basic, $600 /mo pro

About:HubSpot ( is a popular cross channel inbound marketing system offering multiple Online marketing solutions from a single platform, including their Landing Page Software ( Features of the Hubspot Landing Page Software include: customizable more »


Date Listed:February 09, 2013

Price:Free Basic, Premium Plans starting @ $9.99 /mo

About:SimplyCast (, is a popular cross-channel marketing system, best known for their flagship Email Marketing Solution, but also offering several other marketing solutions including their Landing Page generation software ( along with several other more »


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