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About Backlink Removal Services & Software

As Google has continued to crack down on unnatural and “spammy” backlinks in recent years, many websites have been penalized for having low quality or over-optimized backlink profiles. As such, several Backlink Audit Services, Backlink Removal Services, and Backlink Removal Tools have recently been established to assist in the process of finding and removing unnatural backlinks. In most cases website owners will receive a warning from their GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) account, if they have been penalized for unnatural backlinks. Additionally, in 2012 Google released a Disavow Links Tool from GWT which enables webmasters to submit a file of incoming links they wish to be disregarded by Google. However, Google advises to use this tool with caution and highly recommends to first try contacting the publishing domain owner directly and requesting removal. For websites with hundreds or even thousands of unnatural backlinks, this process can be extremely tedious and take countless hours. Backlink Audit Services and Backlink Removal Services provide the solution for those who do not have the time or knowledge to clean their backlink profiles. Most Backlink Audit/Removal Services first audit a websites backlinks and then provide a list of recommended backlinks to be removed. From there if offered and upon approval they begin the process of contacting Webmasters to request manual removal. Finally, for all links that were not removed by request, most Link Removal Services also provide the Disavow file to be submitted to Google from GWT. Currently, there are also a small number of Backlink Removal Tools available to aid do-it-your-self Webmasters or Agencies in the backlink removal process. Typically, Backlink Removal Tools assist in organizing and semi-automating Link Removal campaigns by finding a URLs contact information, emailing the webmaster with a link removal request, following up, tracking links that have been removed, and compiling a Disavow file. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the top Backlink Removal Services, Backlink Audit Services, and Backlink Removal Tools.

Link Removal Services/Software


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Date Listed:March 25, 2013

Price:$249 per site self-serve, custom pricing full service

About:Remove'em ( is a popular self-service Backlink removal tool first released in 2012. The Remove'em tool helps Webmasters easily find harmful backlinks, contact webmasters for removal, track campaigns to see which links have been more »


Date Listed:July 17, 2013

Price:Starting @ $995.00

About:Orp Media Link Removal ( is a 100% human Backlink removal service offered by Keith Terrel to remove harmful unnatural backlinks. In recent years and mainly due to Google's Panda and Penguin clean up more »


Date Listed:January 25, 2014

Price:Free consultation, custom pricing

About:RankRescue ( is a backlink removal service provided to help Website owners clean and manage their backlink profiles. The RankRescue service includes an inbound backlink profile audit and providing a list of links more »


Date Listed:February 15, 2013

Price:Starting @ $50 for 100 links removed

About:Based out of Houston, Texas WL Marketing ( was founded in 2008 by Warren Wong and provides a full suite of link building, submission, and other SEO Services including a BackLink Analysis and Removal more »


Date Listed:January 26, 2014

Price:Audits starting @ $247.00 /1000 links

About:DisavowThis ( is a backlink audit and removal service founded in 2013 by Jeff Taylor. With the DisavowThis manual backlink audit service, an experienced team member compiles a complete list of links recommended for removal, more »


Date Listed:February 20, 2013

Price:Starting @ $17.99

About:Backlink Report ( is a link reporting service that detects URLs and anchor texts that are likely to be penalized by Google Penguin and provides recommendations based on the data collected to help improve more »


Date Listed:March 25, 2013

Price:Starting @ $97.00 /mo

About:LinkDelete ( is a popular Link Removal service established in 2012. LinkDelete helps Website owners remove bad backlinks, fix Google warnings, monitor results, and ultimately improve Google rankings. The LinkDelete service includes Backlink Analysis more »


Date Listed:March 24, 2013

Price:Free basic, starting at $49 /mo premium

About:Rmoov ( is a full featured backlink removal tool first released in 2012. Rmoov makes it much easier for Webmasters submit bulk link removal requests to remove poor quality, unnatural or spammy backlinks from more »


Date Listed:December 22, 2013

Price:Starting at $19.00

About:SubmitInMe ( also known as SIM is one of India's largest SEO companies offering a wide range of SEO, Submission, and Social Media services including their Google Penalty Prevention & Recovery Services (Backlink Audit more »


Date Listed:January 25, 2014

Price:Starting @ 270.00

About:Delete Backlink ( is manual Link Removal Service founded in 2012. The service includes analyzing all of a websites backlinks and compiling a list of low quality & unnatural backlinks. This list is more »


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