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About Google Adwords Training Programs & Tutorials

Since it’s release in 2000 Google Adwords has helped hundreds of thousands if not millions of businesses reach targeted customers. Unlike the Adwords of several years ago, with today’s extremely competitive market most new Adwords advertisers typically will find a steep learning curve for effective and profitable campaigns. While Google does provide an extensive collection of Adwords tips and tutorials many new Advertisers still find it difficult piece together the Adwords puzzle. Without a proper foundation of knowledge new Adwords advertisers can quickly become frustrated and overwhelmed as they learn how quickly Google can eat an advertising budget. Fortunately several Adwords Training Programs and Tutorials have been complied by Adwords experts to make the learning process much easier. For those that prefer print publications there are also several Google Adword books available covering Adwords advertising in detail. If considering the purchase of any Google Adwords training material it is important make sure the material is up to date, as Google Advertising and the strategies behind effective campaigns have changed quite significantly in recent years. Equally important are past customer reviews of the material. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Google Adwords Training Programs and ‘How To’ Tutorials currently available.

Google Adwords Training


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Date Listed:July 13, 2012

Price:Starting @ $49.00

About:Perry Marshall's The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords ( is undoubtedly one of the most if not the single most popular Google Adwords training programs ever made available. Having been touted as the "world's more »


Date Listed:February 18, 2013

Price:7 day free trial, $25.00 /mo for access to all Lynda courses

About:The Google AdWords Essential Training ( is an Online Google Adwords training course presented by David Booth from the Video Training library. was founded in 1995 and is a trusted online more »


Date Listed:July 16, 2012

Price:$29.98 /mo

About:First established in 2007 by experienced Adwords expert, Steven Holdaway, Google Money Pro ( is a comprehensive Google Adwords training program for both beginners and experienced users. As a consistently updated course with over more »


Date Listed:July 16, 2012


About:Beating Adwords ( is a popular Google Adwords training guide that was first released in 2005. Owners "Kyle" and "Carson" (no last names provided) provide step by step instructions on how to set up more »


Date Listed:July 16, 2012


About:Adwords Riches: The step-by-step system to spending less and making more with Adwords ( is a Adwords guide written by experienced marketer and former Google Adwords employee Brittany Lynch. Her Adwords guide teaches both more »


Date Listed:July 17, 2012


About:Created by Internet Marketer, Chris Douthit in 2003, Adwords Secrets ( was the first AdWords Guide guide ever copyrighted. Updated multiple times since then, Chris's 9 part AdWords video course, Adwords Secrets revealed 4 more »


Date Listed:July 27, 2012


About:Available via, Brad Geddes, Adwords for Beginners - The Ultimate Adwords Tutorial ( is one of the most comprehensive Google Advertising 'beginner' courses currently available online. is a popular "online training course" more »


Date Listed:July 28, 2012


About:Available via, Advanced Google Adwords ( is a comprehensive advanced Google Advertising course provided by Webucator, a popular provider of Web based training programs. is a "online training course" platform connecting more »


Date Listed:February 18, 2013

Price:Free 7 day trial, $79.00 /mo, $199.00 /quarter or $699.00 /year

About:Certified Knowledge ( is a complete Google Adwords Advertising Training membership that provides access to a full suite of Adwords training videos and Adwords optimization tools. The Certified Knowledge training program was established by more »


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