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Creating an easy to use directory of user generated Website Marketing Product and Service reviews was the brainchild of its founder and developer, Tyrone Shields. Tyrone has been a successful online marketer for over 8 years. In this time he has successfully purchased, optimized, and maximized the profitability of dozens of under-performing web businesses. He has also developed several authority niche websites from the ground up and managed online marketing campaigns for many clients.


Today, along with Tyrone, we have a small team striving hard to make this community a valuable and up to date resource for all Website Marketer’s and small business owners in the ever-changing online marketing arena.


WHAT? is the webs only complete interactive directory of user generated Website and Internet marketing Product/Service reviews. The website is organized in a easy to navigate directory style format with dozens of main marketing categories and over 150 subcategories. Each category is broken down with a simple description of the marketing strategy, with the most popular marketing products or services within each category listed for user reviews and comparison. Each review page contains a brief editor overview of the product or service, public information, contact information, and an editor review if we have used the product or service ourselves. Users can easily rate and review any listing within our site to share their experience with the Product or Service.


Our concept and platform was developed to serve several key purposes:

•   Help Online Marketers FIND and COMPARE the top Web Marketing Products and Services.

•   Provide a centralized platform where Marketers can SHARE their experiences with any Web Marketing Product or Service they have used.

•   SAVE Website Marketers time and money by utilizing only products and services that have proven to be effective for previous customers.

•   Help PREVENT Website Marketers from being scammed or mislead by fraudulent or ineffective Website Marketing Products or Services.

•   EDUCATE new Internet Marketers on the many different strategies to market their website/s and make money online.

•   Allow users to SUGGEST Web Marketing products or services to be listed to the site for USER REVIEWS.

•   Provide Website Marketing Product and Service providers a trusted 3rd party platform to collect user reviews for their Product or Service.



Starting out in Internet and Website Marketing over 8 years ago, Tyrone faced the same challenges most new Internet and Website Marketers face; information overload, misleading sales pages, false hopes, and a long learning curve just to name a few. Like most new Internet Marketers he spent thousands upon thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to figure out what works in the Internet marketing world. It was during this “trial and error” time that the idea behind was hatched…


During his own struggles starting out Tyrone saw an obvious need for a platform and community where fellow Internet marketers could share reviews on all products and services website marketing related. Beyond this concept Tyrone also saw the need for all website marketing products, services, and strategies to be organized in a easy to navigate directory. These 2 ideas along with a lot of brainstorming were the basis behind the development of this website; an interactive directory of user generated website marketing product and service reviews. Several years later everything has finally fallen in place to make this project a reality and we are excited to see our impact.


WHERE & WHEN? LLC is headquartered in Boise, Idaho but was started out of a small office, above a noisy dive bar, in beautiful downtown Denver, Colorado. In 2012 we moved operations to Seattle, Washington to complete our final development stages and finally, after completion, found our home in Boise. After several years of brewing on the back burner, many months of development, and countless late nights we are excited to announce our OFFICIAL 2014 launch.


Please let us know how we are doing!

We encourage any and all feedback during our infant stage on the web to help make us the most useful resource possible.