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About Google Adwords Keyword/Research Tools and Software

Google Adwords Keyword Tools/Software are applications that assist in the research and generation of keywords for Google Adwords campaigns. Most Adwords keyword tools help users find similar keywords, build their keyword lists, and export them to their desired location. Several of the Keyword tools listed also provide valuable insight into competitor Adwords campaigns, allowing Google advertisers to replicate successful campaigns and build off their success. While Adwords Keyword Tools do not replace the value of using Google’s very own FREE Keyword tool, using them in conjunction with it can provide an edge over the competition. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Google Adwords Keyword Tools and Software currently available. Similar, but listed within their respective categories are PPC Keyword/Research Software and SEO Keyword Research Software.

Adwords Keyword Software


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Date Listed:July 22, 2012

Price:Free Trial, Full access starting at $89.00 /mo

About:KeyWord Spy ( is a popular Keyword Software that allows users to spy on competitor's campaigns, find profitable keyword and ad copy combinations, and replicate their success. KeywordSpy's keyword database is updated daily and more »


Date Listed:July 21, 2012


About:First released in 2007, Brad Callen's Keyword Elite ( is a popular niche Keyword tool designed to assist in finding profitable keywords that can be used for Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns. For more »


Date Listed:July 21, 2012

Price:Free standard version, $97 platinum version

About:PPC Web Spy ( is a tool created by popular Internet marketer and Software developer, Brad Callen that allows users to view any Google Adwords advertiser's keywords in real time while browsing Google. Users more »


Date Listed:July 21, 2012


About:Developed in 2009 by Nroo Inc. Buyer Keywords Generator ( is a keyword Software with a database of over 1 Billion buyer keywords in over 50,000 profitable niches. With the Software users can identify more »


Date Listed:July 20, 2012

Price:Free limited access, Premium memberships starting @ $79.00 /mo.

About:Founded by Mike Roberts in 2006, SpyFu ( is a popular Keyword research and competitive analysis Software that can be used for both PPC/Google Adwords campaigns and SEO purposes. For PPC keyword research SpyFu more »


Date Listed:March 14, 2013

Price:$1.00 30 day trial, then $67.00 /mo

About:Affilorama PPC Tools ( are a set of PPC and Google Adwords tools that are included in the Affilorama Premium membership. Affilorama ( is a popular Internet Marketing training membership focusing on Affiliate Marketing, more »


Date Listed:January 21, 2014

Price:$69.00 /mo or $690.00 /yr

About:SearchMetrics Essentials SEM ( is a robust Google Adwords Keyword analytics and reporting tool. The SearchMetrics Essentials SEM tool focuses on Google Adwords Campaigns and goes beyond Google's own Adwords tool by reporting keyword more »


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