Social Media Marketing (SMM)
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About Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is a catch all phrase that refers to the process of utilizing one or more Social Media Network in order to generate traffic, increase brand exposure, communicate with consumers, and build customer loyalty. For most businesses and organizations, online and off, Social Media Marketing is no longer just a benefit but rather a necessity for connecting with consumers and staying relevant in today's marketplaces. Aside from serving as powerful direct communication and marketing tools, Social Networks and the Social Signals that utilizing them may create also play an increasingly significant role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Typically, most Social Media Marketing strategies are based around creating engaging content that attracts attention and encourages sharing, which in turn creates social buzz and powerful word of mouth exposure. There are a number of Social Media Networks that can be beneficial for marketing purposes, of to which degree is highly dependent on the type of business and consumer demographic.

As Social Networking and Social Media Marketing continue to grow and evolve a wide range of B2B products, services, and training resources have also been developed to help businesses effectively utilize these channels. Listed and categorized within for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Google Plus Marketing Tutorials, Linkedin Marketing Tutorials, SMM eBooks & Video Tutorials, SMM Training Courses, Social Exchanges/Marketplaces, Social Media Advertising Networks, Social Media Analytic tools, Social Media Marketing Books, Social Media Marketing/Management Services, Social Media Marketing/Management Software, Social Syndication Software, Top Social Networks (for marketing), and Wordpress SMM Plugins. Listed and categorized separately are Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube specific marketing products, services, and other resources.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)


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Date Listed:March 15, 2012

Price:CPC or CPM

Sub-Category: Social Media Advertising Platforms

About:The leading social destination on the web and currently the 2nd most visited website online with over 1 billion users worldwide, released its advertising platform in 2007 ( providing a self service solution more »


Date Listed:May 27, 2012

Price:Starting at $129 /month + $150 set up fee

Sub-Category: Social Media Marketing Services

About:SubmitInMe (, also known as SIM, is one of India's largest SEO companies offering a wide range of SEO, Submission, and Social Media services including their Social Media Packages ( Since 2002 SIM's workforce more »


Date Listed:November 17, 2014

Price:30 day free trial, starting @ $9.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Social Media Analytics Tools

About:Social Report ( is a Social Analytics monitoring and reporting platform founded by Vitaly Veksler in 2010. Social Report features detailed and attractive reports that measure and help you (or your clients) understand the more »


Date Listed:December 08, 2014

Price:Not accepting new customers

Sub-Category: Social Media Marketing Software

About:Wildfire ( is a popular enterprise level Social Media Marketing tool suite founded by Victoria Ransom in 2008. Wildfire is used by over 20,000 clients worldwide, including 30 of the world's 50 largest brands. more »


Date Listed:December 16, 2013

Price:$97.00 /mo

Sub-Category: SMM Training Courses

About:Social Marketing Tribe ( is a Social Media Marketing training membership operated by Lewis Howes. Lewis Howes is a former professional athlete, turned online entrepreneur specializing in Social Media Marketing - and is more »


Date Listed:April 11, 2013


Sub-Category: Wordpress SMM Plugins

About:WPMU DEV Social Marketing ( is a Wordpress Social Marketing Plugin first released by the WPMU Dev team in 2012. The Social Marketing plugin allows websites to harness the power of Social Media by more »


Date Listed:April 11, 2013


Sub-Category: Wordpress SMM Plugins

About:WPMU DEV Floating Social ( is a Wordpress Social Marketing Plugin first released by the WPMU Dev team in 2011. The Floating Social plugin allows websites provide more exposure to their social links and more »


Date Listed:July 13, 2013


Sub-Category: Google Plus Marketing Tutorials

About:Google+ Profit Plan ( is a Google Plus marketing training eBook compiled by Matt Garrett in 2011. Inside Matt covers many topics including: how to use Google+ to generate interest in your business, how more »


Date Listed:July 13, 2013


Sub-Category: Linkedin Marketing Tutorials

About:Linkedin Marketing Business Blueprint ( is a Linkedin Marketing training guide compiled by Manuel Hendrix in 2012. The Linkedin Marketing Business Blueprint includes 15 modules, covering all aspects of Linkedin and how to use more »


Date Listed:July 15, 2013

Price:Free exchange, or credit purchases starting @ $10.00

Sub-Category: Social Media Exchanges

About:SocialClerks ( Social Media exchange and marketplace founded in 2012. SocialClerks allows users to get Free Twitter Followers, Tweets, Retweets, Youtube Views, Google +1's, Delicious saves, Pinterest Pins, and more by earning credits. Credits more »


Date Listed:March 14, 2012

Price:CPC starting at $2.00 per click

Sub-Category: Social Media Advertising Platforms

About:Linkedin Advertising ( provides the opportunity for businesses to place targeted CPC ads within the Linkedin network that link directly to their website or Linkedin page. Linkedin's network now has over 150 million members, more »


Date Listed:October 07, 2014


Sub-Category: Pinterest Marketing Software

About:Convert PinPress ( is a Pinterest style Wordpress Theme released by the IM Wealth Builders team in 2012. In short, Convert PinPress allows users to replicate a Pinterest style website from the Wordpress platform. more »


Date Listed:March 22, 2013

Price:7 day free trial, starting @ $12.99 /mo

Sub-Category: Social Syndication Software

About:OnlyWire ( is a popular Social Network and Social Bookmarking syndication tool first developed in 2006. OnlyWire allows users to easily publish their content on up to 51 social bookmarking and social networking sites. more »


Date Listed:November 18, 2014

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $69.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Social Media Analytics Tools

About:Quintly ( is a Social Analytics and competitor benchmarking application first developed in 2011 by Alexander Peiniger. Originally called AllFacebook Stats, the platform was renamed and rebranded as Quintly in 2012 - with Twitter, more »


Date Listed:September 08, 2013

Price:Campaign pricing, $25,000 minimum

Sub-Category: Social Influencer Networks

About:Adly ( is a Social Media Endorsement platform established in 2009. Adly connects brands and agencies with celebrities and other influencers to further their reach, engage deeper, and drive leads and sales. Features of more »


Date Listed:March 22, 2013

Price:Free, or sponsored stumbles (PPV)

Sub-Category: Top Social Bookmarking Sites

About:StumbleUpon ( is a popular Social Bookmarking and "discovery engine" established by Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance, and Eric Boyd and 2001. StumbleUpon allows users to discover (stumble) photos, videos, and other web more »


Date Listed:July 15, 2013

Price:Free or paid (CPC, CPM) advertising

Sub-Category: Top Social Networks (for marketing)

About:Facebook ( description coming soon. more »


Date Listed:April 08, 2013

Price:$20.68 + s/h or $16.49 kindle edition

Sub-Category: Social Media Marketing Books

About:Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies ( is a 792 page Social Media Marketing book (9 books in 1) co-written by Jan Zimmerman & Deborah Ng last updated in November of 2012. Jan Zimmerman more »


Date Listed:April 09, 2013

Price:$12.96 + s/h or $9.99 kindle edition

Sub-Category: Social Media Marketing Books

About:The Zen of Social Media Marketing ( is a 352 page Social Media Marketing book written by Shama Kabani and last updated in 2013. Shama Kabani is a SMM expert, TV & Web personality, more »


Date Listed:December 25, 2013

Price:Starting @ $99.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Social Media Marketing Services

About:BoostLikes ( is a Social Media marketing service provider established in 2012. BoostLikes specializes in manual Social promotion geared towards increasing fan bases and followers. They claim their service to be 100% manual, not more »


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