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About SEO Keyword Rank Tracking Software/Tools

SEO Keyword Rank Tracking Software is either a downloadable program or more often a web based application that allows users to track and monitor a websites Keyword Search Rankings on the top Search Engines. Tracking and monitoring keyword search rankings can be an important aspect of SEO. Doing so allows website owners and SEOers to measure SEO progress, identify SEO issues, and generate reports for personal and/or client use. Typical features for most SEO Keyword Rank Tracking Software include: keyword importing, automatic or scheduled tracking, multi Search Engine/Country/Language tracking, API access, and white label reporting. Pricing for most SEO Keyword Rank Tracking Software is typically tiered monthly membership based, dependent on the volume of keywords being tracked. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the TOP SEO Keyword Rank Tracking Software and Applications currently available. Listed separately are SEO Management Software, many of which include built-in SEO Keyword Rank Tracking features.

SEO Rank Tracking Software


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Date Listed:September 13, 2015

Price:Starting @ $29.00 /mo

About:RankWatch ( is a popular cloud based Rank SEO Keyword Rank Monitoring and SEO management Software. Founded by Sahil Kakkar in 2012, RankWatch has quickly grown and is now used by thousands of businesses more »


Date Listed:July 20, 2013

Price:Free basic, $59.95 Pro version

About:CuteRank ( is a free keyword rank tracking tool first released in 2009. CuteRank batch checks keyword positions automatically on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and over 300 other local search engines. Other features of the more »


Date Listed:June 12, 2013

Price:$69.00 /mo or $690.00 /yr

About:The SearchMetrics Essentials SEO Software ( is a robust SEO keyword ranking analytics and reporting tool that allows users easily review and improve their SEO campaigns. Essentials SEO is part of SearchMetrics Essentials (, more »


Date Listed:July 20, 2013

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $99 /mo

About:SERPs ( is a growing SEO campaign testing and monitoring platform founded by Scott Krager in 2012. Currently, SERPs tracks rankings and other data points on over 200,000 keywords for over 5,000 websites in more »


Date Listed:June 15, 2013

Price:$124.95 pro license, $299.75 enterprise license

About:Link-Assistant Rank Tracker ( is a popular website Search Engine Rank Tracking software, available from the Link Assistant suite of SEO tools. The Link-Assistant Rank Tracker software was first released in 2007 and has more »


Date Listed:March 13, 2013

Price:Starting @ $37.00 /mo

About:SwissMadeMarketing's Rank Tracker ( is a premium cloud based SEO keyword rank tracking software developed by the Swiss Made Marketing team and first released in 2012. Rank Tracker provides marketers and website owners reliable more »


Date Listed:July 20, 2013

Price:$47.00 lifetime license

About:AccurankTracker ( is an Search Engine Rank Tracking software first released by Jonathan Leger in 2012. AccurankTracker provides users access to an affordable and accurate keyword rank tracking solution to track all of their more »


Date Listed:March 21, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, $49.00 - $499.00 /mo

About:Advanced Web Ranking ( is a longstanding SEO software provider offering several SEO tools, including a full featured web based Rank Tracker, a desktop SEO Reporting and Management software, and a Backlink Manager. Today more »


Date Listed:July 20, 2013

Price:Free trial, $37.00 lifetime license

About:The SimpleSEO Rank Checker ( is a keyword rank tracking software released by Robert Spadinger in 2012. The SimpleSEO Rank Checker tracks keyword rankings for Google, Bing and Yahoo for an unlimited amount of more »


Date Listed:June 26, 2014

Price:Free edition, $19.99 /mo Pro edition

About:Ezee Rank Tracker ( is a SERP, Youtube, and Social Rank Tracking software first released in 2013. Ezee Rank Tracker provides accurate rank tracking and reporting from the top platforms, including top 1000 rankings more »


Date Listed:July 20, 2013

Price:Free basic, Premium plans starting @ $19.95 /mo

About:Microsite Masters ( is a popular web based SEO Keyword tracking software first released in 2011. Microsite Masters provides advanced keyword rank tracking metrics to accurately measure SERP performance and determine SEO campaign efficiency more »


Date Listed:July 01, 2014

Price:Starting @ $9.00 /mo

About:KnowMyRankings ( is a premium Google Keyword Ranking tool released in 2014. KnowMyRankings provides clean and easy to use web based Google Keyword ranking reports, emailed once a week and viewable from your mobile more »


Date Listed:July 20, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, starting @ $49 /mo

About:AuthorityLabs ( is a popular and full featured web based SEO rank monitoring and reporting software first released in 2008. The AuthorityLabs platform is a scalable keyword rank tracking solution ideal for small businesses, more »


Date Listed:July 20, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, $49.00 - $249.00 /mo

About:Rank Ranger ( is an SEO management and reporting tool-set first released in 2009, providing a range of SEO tools including their signature full featured Rank Tracker. Other tools from the Rank Ranger more »


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