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About Mobile App Development Software

In the last decade, with the ever-growing popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices, Mobile Applications have quickly become an enormous market presenting a tremendous opportunity for both entrepreneurs looking create standalone revenue generating mobile apps and for existing businesses looking to tap the mobile market and make it easier to reach customers on the go. However, Mobile App Development can often be very time consuming, expensive, and require a deep understanding of Mobile programming languages. As such many Mobile App Development Platforms have been developed to make it easier to build, edit, publish, manage, and host Mobile Applications – without the need for programming knowledge and typically at a fraction of the cost of most Mobile App Development Services. Most Mobile App Development Platforms also provide a white label or reseller solution for Agencies and entrepreneurs looking to offer App Development services for their clients. When shopping for Mobile App development solutions it is important to have a good idea of your budget, a clear understanding of Mobile App platforms and what you are looking for – whether it be a device specific Native (IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry etc) App that can be released in the corresponding app store, cross-platform Mobile App development, or simply a Mobile compatible Web App. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are many of the Top Mobile App Development Software/Programs currently available. Listed in a separate more general Mobile Marketing category are Mobile Website Design/Development Software. There are also wide range of Mobile App Development Services available for those looking to have a Mobile App built on their behalf.

Mobile App Development Software


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Date Listed:August 18, 2013

Price:Free version (with ads), $9.00 /mo or 1x $99.00 premium (ad free)

About:AppMakr ( is a free, do-it-yourself "no coding required" mobile App building platform. Ideal for small businesses, bloggers, publishers, non-profits, or anyone else looking to share their content via a mobile app, the AppMakr more »


Date Listed:August 18, 2013

Price:$59.00 /mo (mobile app), $29.00 /mo (mobile website)

About:Bizness Apps ( is a popular do-it-yourself Mobile App and Mobile Website builder used by over 100,000 small businesses. Bizness Apps are geared towards category specific local businesses including Lawyers, Restaurant/Bars, Realtors, Bands, Non-profits more »


Date Listed:March 25, 2013

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $149.00 /mo

About:Founded by Brock Batten and Michael Schneider in 2009, Mobile Roadie ( is a popular self-serve Mobile app/website development platform that allows anyone to easily and affordably create and manage native mobile apps or more »


Date Listed:August 18, 2013

Price:Free to use, $279.00 to release app

About:uBuildApp ( is a free and easy to use do-it-yourself iPhone App builder. The uBuildApp platform is geared towards business owners, personalities, politicians, and organizations looking to build and release a simple Mobile App more »


Date Listed:August 19, 2013

Price:45 day free trial. $14 mo / thereafter

About:Application Craft ( is an easy to use cloud based mobile and desktop App Development platform. Whether building a Mobile or Desktop App, Application Craft provides an easy drag-and-drop solution for responsive HTML5 front-ends more »


Date Listed:August 19, 2013

Price:Free 14 day Trial, starting @ €9 /mo

About:AppsBuilder ( is a popular do-it-yourself native app & mobile site development platform. AppsBuilder is cloud based and provides an easy use platform to create, edit, manage, and promote Mobile Apps and Mobile websites. more »


Date Listed:August 18, 2013

Price:Starting @ $14.99 /mo

About:Established in 2010, SeattleClouds ( is a popular do-it-yourself native Mobile App builder platform. With SeattleCloud, users can easily create native Iphone and Android Apps by simply choosing any of their over 200 App more »


Date Listed:August 19, 2013

Price:$100.00 /mo

About:LocalClick Partners ( is a Native App, Web App, and Mobile SMS Marketing marketing platform geared towards Agencies or entrepreneurs looking for a white label Mobile Development solution. Essentially, LocalClick Partners offers a complete more »


Date Listed:March 27, 2013

Price:Starting @ $19.90 /mo

About:ShoutEm ( is a popular do-it-yourself Mobile App builder and content management platform used by thousands of clients. With an extensive set of modules and Mobile App templates users are able to quickly and more »


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