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About Data/Shopping Feed Management Software

Comparison Shopping Software, also called Data Feed Management Software or Shopping Feed Management Software is a type of web based application or downloadable program that helps online retailers and/or marketers effectively manage advertising campaigns on one or more Comparison Shopping Engine. Typical features for this type of software include easy data feed import/export, data feed management, bid (cpc) management, analytics/reporting, training/tutorials, support, and managed service options. Most Comparison Shopping Software is priced on a tiered (product or feed volume) monthly basis and is often available to try for free before purchase. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Comparison Shopping Management Software currently available.

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Data Feed Management Software


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Date Listed:March 19, 2013

Price:15 day free trial, Starting @ $24.95 /mo

About:Sales & Order ( is a powerful Google Shopping Ad Management software that allows users to optimize, track, and review their Google Shopping campaigns. The Sales & Orders software is available to try for more »


Date Listed:June 29, 2013

Price:15 day free trial, Starting @ $29 /mo, $99 feed set up

About:DataFeedWatch ( is a shopping feed management tool for web merchants and agencies aimed to optimize data feeds and increase product sales. Founded by WordWatch Inc., the developers of a popular Google Adwords software more »


Date Listed:March 22, 2013

Price:$0.99 trial, starting @ $59.00 /mo

About:First founded in 2007, GoDataFeed ( is a web-based data feed management software solution that helps merchants manage product data feeds on over 100 shopping engines, eCommerce marketplaces, and affiliate networks. GoDataFeed currently works more »


Date Listed:March 22, 2013

Price:Free Demo, starting @ $99.00 /mo

About:SingleFeed ( is a popular shopping feed management platform that has been helping online merchants optimize their shopping feeds and increase traffic and revenue since 2006. A free demo of SingleFeed is available upon more »


Date Listed:March 21, 2013

Price:Free demo, pricing not published

About:First established in 2001, ChannelAdvisor ( is a popular e-commerce optimization platform providing best-in-class technology and strategic services that help retailers effectively connect with consumers online. In short, the ChannelAdvisor platform allows online merchants more »


Date Listed:March 19, 2013

Price:Price not published

About:First established in 2006, Mercent ( provides an award winning cloud based Shopping Feed Management platform. The Mercent platform provides online retailers to effectively market their merchandise everywhere online shoppers make purchase decisions. more »


Date Listed:March 23, 2013

Price:$99.00 1st mo, then starting @ $495 /mo

About:Founded in 2007, VersaFeed ( is a powerful datafeed and Google shopping platform providing ecommerce retailers with a fully managed and customizable Shopping feed solution. The VersaFeed platform and solution is available to try more »


Date Listed:March 22, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, starting @ $69.95 /mo

About:The SmartFeed Product Feed Manager ( is a Shopping Feed management software that allows merchants to quickly and easily change their product feed/s with a click of a button. Products can be edited, more »


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