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About SEM/PPC Management Software

PPC Management Software also sometimes called Bid Management Software is any type of downloadable program or web based platform/application that assists in the management and optimization of sponsored search advertising campaigns across multiple search engines. Common features of PPC Management Software include campaign import/export, automatic bid management/optimization, tracking, keyword/ad/landing page optimization, and reporting. For businesses, marketers, and agencies PPC Management Software can provide an ideal solution to effectively and efficiently setup, manage, and optimize multiple PPC advertising campaigns from a single platform. PPC Management Software is typically priced on a flat monthly basis, with some of the more advanced platforms also charging a small percentage of monthly ad spend. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the Top Search Marketing PPC Management Platforms and Software currently available. Listed in our dedicated Google Adwords Advertising category are the top Google Adwords Management Programs (software and applications). Listed within a separate sub-category are PPC Keyword and Competitive Analysis software.

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SEM/PPC Management Software


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Date Listed:June 30, 2012

Price:Free Trial, 5% of monthly ad spend, Minimum $499.00 /mo

About:Marin Software ( is a leading provider of online ad management solutions, providing their popular integrated platform for managing online search, display and social advertising campaigns. The Marin Ad Management platform, Marin Software Pro, more »


Date Listed:August 01, 2013

Price:7 day free trial, flat rate 1.5% of ad spend + $299 /mo

About:adX Search ( is an advanced SEM advertising platform developed by a team from Uppsala, Sweden and first released in 2008. adXsearch was designed to develop, initiate, automate, optimize, and accelerate SEM advertising campaigns. more »


Date Listed:August 01, 2013

Price:Not Published

About:Adobe SearchCenter+ ( is a complete enterprise SEM (Search Engine Marketing) management solution that allows users to effectively manage their SEM campaigns by combining PPC management with organic search. Adobe SearchCenter+ provides complete traffic more »


Date Listed:August 01, 2013

Price:Free trial, 2.5% of ad spend

About:Acquisio Search ( is a leading PPC search advertising management platform originally released in 2003. The Acquisio platform was initially developed for search advertising but has evolved to include Facebook ads and retargeted ads more »


Date Listed:February 24, 2013

Price:Free basic, starting @ $799.00 /mo

About:adCore ( is a powerful Search Engine Marketing management software used by over 5,000 advertisers and 600 agencies. adCore was developed by Podium Advertising Technologies Ltd. and first released in 2005. adCore provides an more »


Date Listed:August 01, 2013

Price:30 day free trial, starting @ $29.95 /mo

About:AdWatcher ( is a click fraud monitoring and PPC ad tracking tool first developed in 2003. AdWatcher was designed to help small and mid sized businesses monitor their PPC advertising campaigns and increase ROI. more »


Date Listed:August 01, 2013

Price:7 day free trial, starting @ $53.90 /mo (pro)

About:SpeedPPC ( is a popular PPC Management software used by over 10,000 marketers worldwide. SpeedPPC provides Affiliate Marketers, Business Owners, and SEM Agencies alike an automated PPC optimization solution for finding and targeting better more »


Date Listed:August 01, 2013

Price:14 day free trial, starting @ $75.00 /mo

About:ClickSweeper ( is a PPC bid Management software developed by Varazo, Inc. and first released in 2007. The ClickSweeper software provides automated PPC bidding, monitoring and reporting across a range of PPC Ad Networks, more »


Date Listed:August 02, 2013

Price:7 day free trial, Starting @ $349.00 /mo thereafter

About:WordStream PPC Advisor ( is a powerful and innovative software platform designed to develope, manage and optimize paid search (PPC) campaigns. With Wordstream's customized alert center, PPC Advisor guides users on managing and optimizing more »


Date Listed:August 01, 2013

Price:Free Demo, Starting @ $60.00 /mo

About:PPC BidMax (, formerly named Dynamic Bid Maximizer, is a powerful PPC bid management software developed by ApexPacific Marketing ( and first released in 2002. In business since 1998, Apex Pacific is a leading more »


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