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About Banner Advertising Networks

The majority of all banner advertisements published online are served via Advertising Networks. Banner Advertising Networks are Advertising Networks that connect advertisers looking to advertise a product, service or brand (via banner advertisements) with publishers (website owners) looking to monetize their web traffic by publishing banner advertisements.  Banner Advertising Networks charge advertisers on either a per click or per impression basis of which is split between the network and publisher. While banner ad sizes and formats have been standardized by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) each Banner Ad Network still determines which banner ad sizes and formats they choose to make available to advertisers. Most Banner Ad Networks use advanced ad serving technology which enables targeting, tracking and reporting of clicks/impressions providing advertisers with targeted banner ad placements, campaign testing and ultimately higher click through and conversion rates. The Google Adwords content network remains the largest ad serving network that offers banner advertising however there are dozens of other Ad Serving Networks that either specialize in or offer Banner Advertising. Listed below for user reviews are many of the top Banner Ad Serving Networks. Many Ad Serving Networks categorized elsewhere on this site also offer banner advertising.

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Banner Advertising Networks


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Date Listed:March 26, 2012

Price:CPM or CPC

About:Founded in 2003 by Joe Casale, Casale Media ( is a digital ad exchange and ad network/platform (MediaNet) providing performance driven solutions for online display advertising. CasaleMedia's network of over 3000 premium publishers deliver more »


Date Listed:March 27, 2012

Price:Not published

About:The popular online auction and shopping portal offers a advertising platform ( for advertisers to place targeted display advertisements within the eBay network. With 85 million consumers making 40 million transactions every week more »


Date Listed:March 26, 2012

Price:CPM, CPC and CPA programs

About:Established in 1995 BurstMedia ( is one of the oldest and most established online ad media networks. In 2011 Burst Media was aquired by and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Blinkx PLC, more »


Date Listed:April 02, 2012

Price:CPM or Flat monthly rates

About:Founded in 2007 and launched in 2008 BuySellAds ( aka BSA is a popular fully transparent banner ad network serving over 6 billion ad impressions each month. BSA's fully automated, self-serve marketplace allows advertisers more »


Date Listed:March 26, 2012

Price:Flat rate duration based.

About:Established by Henry Copeland of Pressflex LLC in 2002, BlogAds ( is a transparent blog advertising network connecting advertisers with over 3,500 influential blogs. Banner ads can be served in 10 different ad sizes more »


Date Listed:October 12, 2012


About:Founded in 2010 and launched in 2011, Banners Broker ( is a popular private Banner Ad marketplace with a large global reach. By managing the sourcing, publishing, and tracking of published banner ads, Banners more »


Date Listed:March 26, 2012

Price:CPM. $400 monthly minimum spend.

About:AdJuggler Inc. ( is a privately held digital ad serving and ad management company headquartered in Alexandria, VA with sales locations in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Singapore and London. The AdJuggler solution provides advertisers more »


Date Listed:March 26, 2012

Price:CPM or CPC, $300 monthly minimum spend

About:Founded in 2006 AdReady ( is an agency providing an award winning digital ad serving platform reaching over 150,000 websites. For advertisers, the Adready platform provides a highly scalable precision campaign creation and management more »


Date Listed:March 26, 2012

Price:CPC or CPM

About:Founded in 2008 AdBlade ( is a ad serving network with over 1000 publishers in its network including MSNBC and USAtoday. In addition to their copyrighted "NewsBullet" ad units, AdBlade offers a wide variety more »


Date Listed:March 27, 2012

Price:CPM, CPC and CPA.

About:Founded in 1999 by Scott Brew, Adtegrity ( is a 'Brand Safe' ad serving network reaching 75 million users and serving 10 billion ad impressions per month. Adtegrity carefully screens all their publishers to more »


Date Listed:March 27, 2012

Price:CPC, CPM and CPA

About:Aim4Media ( is a banner/display Ad Serving network based out of the Netherlands with over 1000 publishers. With Aim4Media's 'AD-Dition' they work closely together with their ad nework clients to create, test and improve more »


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