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How local Businesses are marketed has changed drastically in the last decade. With the increasing popularity of the Web, Mobile devices, & Social Networking, the majority of local customers can now be effectively reached online. However, for local businesses with little online marketing experience, optimizing their presence online can often be challenge. Fortunately, there are now many local marketing services and local marketing resources, including several Local Online Marketing guides for the DIY marketer. For those that prefer print publications there are several books available that detail local online marketing strategies. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the top Local Online Marketing books currently available. There are also several digital Local Online Marketing Training tutorials and courses available, listed in our Local Online Marketing Training category.

Local Online Marketing Books


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Date Listed:November 24, 2012

Price:$16.49 + s/h

About:Local Online Advertising for Dummies is a 384 page "For Dummies" book written by local advertising experts, Court Cunningham and Stephanie Brown in 2010. Court Cunningham is the CEO of Yodle, a large local more »


Date Listed:November 25, 2012

Price:$9.99 + s/h

About:Local Search Marketing for Business: A How-To Guide is a short 54 page local marketing book written by local search marketing expert, Sarah Moraes in 2011. Moraes served as a marketing strategist at Vertical more »


Date Listed:November 26, 2012

Price:$11.69 + s/h

About:The Guide To Google Places is a short 74 page Google Places book written by Kevin Wichtendahl in March of 2011. In this book Kevin shows readers how to create and optimize their Google more »


Date Listed:November 26, 2012

Price:$14.95 + s/h

About:The Guide To Google Places is a 132 page local search marketing book written by Richard Geasy in June of 2009. Based out of Seattle, WA, Richard has over 25 years of technology, international more »


Date Listed:November 26, 2012

Price:$16.97 + s/h

About:The Google Places Bible is a 84 page Google Places marketing book written by Terri Bork and published in August of 2010. Terri Bork is an established Author, Speaker, CEO of Extreme Marketing Concepts, more »


Date Listed:November 26, 2012

Price:$13.95 + s/h

About:Webcentric Local Business Marketing is a 142 page Local Marketing book written by David Sandy and published in May of 2012. David has been involved with local business for most of his life, helping more »


Date Listed:November 26, 2012

Price:$12.97 + s/h

About:Search Engine Success: How Your Local Business Can Skyrocket Sales Using Free Online Advertising is a short 70 page Local Search Marketing book written by Kamaria Hill and published in November of 2011. Kamaria more »


Date Listed:November 26, 2012

Price:$14.95 + s/h

About:Lessons In Online Marketing For Local Businesses is a short 70 page Local Search Marketing book written by Costas Peppas and published in August of 2011. Costas is an experienced online marketer, who partners more »


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