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About Contextual & In-Text Advertising

Contextual advertising is a targeted form of online advertising where the content of an ad served is directly related to the content of the web page a visitor is viewing. In-text advertising (also called “in-line”, “in-context” or “in-content” advertising) is a popular form of contextual advertising in which hyper-linked keywords on a webpage display a related ad if the cursor is held over them. Most Contextual and In-text Ad Serving Networks charge on a CPC (cost per click) basis however some Contextual Ad Networks also offer Cost per View or Cost per Link pricing. Pioneered by the Google Adwords content/display network, contextual targeted advertising has become increasingly popular, with many Advertising Networks now offering Contextual advertising as a targeting option, as well as several advertising networks that focus solely on Contextual and In-Text advertising. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the top Advertising Networks that specialize in Contextual and In-Text Advertising .

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Contextual/In-text Ad Networks


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Date Listed:March 12, 2012

Price:CPC, CPV or CPM

About:Clicksor ( is a well established contextual ad serving network founded by YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc in 2004. With over 150,000 content websites in their network, serving billions of impressions a month, Clicksor is one of the webs leading Contextual more »


Date Listed:March 12, 2012

Price:CPC, Cost per Post

About:Founded in 2003 and Based in Dallas, Texas Linkworth ( is ad serving network offering serveral unique advertising solutions including; in-text ads, paid blog posts, Multi-Url Rotating Ads and hosted content billboard ads to name more »


Date Listed:March 12, 2012

Price:Flat monthly rate per link

About:Co-founded by Patrick Gavin and Bill Fish, Text-Link-Ads ( is a unique Ad Network with 45,000+ publishers providing text link and in text advertising solutions. The Text Link Ads ad units are unique to other more »


Date Listed:March 12, 2012


About:Founded in 2007 by Oren Dobronsky & Yariv Davidovich InfoLinks ( provides in-text advertising to global markets on over 50,000 premium websites and blogs. The Info Links network of publishers generate 300 million unique views each day. more »


Date Listed:March 12, 2012


About:A subsidiary of Hostway Corporation, Affinity ( is an online advertising network that provides high performance ad solutions for publishers and advertisers. Founded in 2006 the Affinity network provides several advertising solutions including in-text more »


Date Listed:March 12, 2012


About:Established in 2000, VibrantMedia ( is a leading Global provider of contextual advertisements, aligning billions of different words across the Internet with relevant advertising. Specializing in in-text ads, Vibrant Media gives marketers the chance more »


Date Listed:March 13, 2012


About:Becontext ( is another branch of the Yesup Advertising network, providing contextual in-text CPC advertisng solutions. In addition to the inline keyword targeting, Be Context offers several additional targeting options including retargeting, geographic and more »


Date Listed:April 02, 2012

Price:CPC, CPM and CPA bidding

About:Founded in 2010 and with several offices worldwide ( is a contextual advertising company utilizing advanced classification and analysis algorithms to identify and deliver the most engaging and relevant web page ads. Advertisers more »


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