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About Wordpress Mobile Themes

As the most widely used CMS (content management system) for websites and blogs, Wordpress provides a flexible platform for creating mobile friendly web content. Mobile Wordpress Themes are Wordpress Website templates/scripts that have been optimized to be mobile friendly out of the box. Most Mobile Wordpress Themes are written with responsive coding, which automatically resizes a websites content and layout to best fit each visitors device. As mobile web use continues to grow year after year, it is quickly becoming the norm for new Wordpress themes to be written in mobile friendly code. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are several of the most popular premium Mobile (Responsive) Wordpress Themes and Theme collections currently available. A complete list of free Mobile friendly WordPress Themes can also be found here. Listed separately, for those looking mobilize existing Wordpress sites, are premium Wordpress Mobile Plugins.

Wordpress Mobile Themes


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Date Listed:May 21, 2014

Price:Starting @ $75.00 per theme license

About:WPZOOM (www.wpzoom.com) is a popular premium Wordpress theme collection trusted by over 30,000 customers and businesses worldwide. Currently, there are over 35 professionally designed, Responsive (Mobile friendly) and SEO Optimizied themes within the WPZOOM more »


Date Listed:March 26, 2014


About:Strappress (strappress.com) is a responsive Twitter Bootstrap theme developed by Brad Williams in 2012. Strappress is a featured theme of Brag Themes (BragThemes.com), a full collection of responsive Twitter Bootstrap themes. Strappress is a powerful more »


Date Listed:March 25, 2014

Price:$97.00 single site, $247.00 multi-site

About:Developed by Expand2Web (www.expand2web.com) and first released in 2010, SmallBiz Theme (www.smallbiztheme.com) is a flexible and Responsive Wordpress theme geared towards smaller local businesses. Expand2Web was founded in 2008 by Don Campbell and via more »


Date Listed:March 26, 2014

Price:$35.00 per theme

About:Brag Themes (bragthemes.com) is a responsive Twitter Bootstrap theme collection developed by Brad Williams in 2012. The Brag Themes collection features several high quality and professionally designed WordPress themes that utilize the Twitter Bootstrap more »


Date Listed:February 21, 2013

Price:$39 /year personal, $249 lifetime, $89 /year developer

About:Elegant Themes (www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/category/responsive/) is a popular Wordpress Theme and Plugin development agency, providing multiple Mobile Ready Wordpress themes from their "Responsive" Gallery. The Elegant Themes responsive gallery currently includes 15 professionally designed Mobile and more »


Date Listed:February 20, 2013

Price:$20.00-$49.00 per theme

About:MojoThemes (www.mojo-themes.com) is a leading premium website theme and template marketplace, offering a large collection of WordPress Mobile Themes (www.mojo-themes.com/categories/wordpress/mobile). The MojoThemes Mobile WordPress Theme collection includes over 200 premium themes ranging from $20.00 more »


Date Listed:March 13, 2013

Price:Themes starting @ $25.00

About:ThemeForest (themeforest.net) is a leading website template, script and theme Marketplace, offering a wide range of premium Wordpress Themes and Plugins including Wordpress Mobile Themes (themeforest.net/category/wordpress/mobile). The ThemeForest Wordpress Mobile Theme marketplace includes over more »


Date Listed:March 13, 2013

Price:$79.95-$129.95 per theme

About:StudioPress (www.studiopress.com) is leading premium Wordpress theme provider, offering a wide range of Responsive "Mobile Ready" Wordpress Themes (my.studiopress.com/responsive-wordpress-themes). Perhaps best known for their Genesis framework, which is now an industry standard for Wordpress more »


Date Listed:December 19, 2013

Price:$45.00 single theme, $145.00 all themes

About:Meridian Themes (MeridianThemes.com) is a premium Wordpress Theme development agency established in 2013. The Meridian Themes collection includes several high-quality, fully customizable, and Responsive (mobile ready) themes. Meridian Themes pricing starts at a one-time more »


Date Listed:March 23, 2014

Price:Starting @ $79.00 per theme

About:Obox Themes (oboxthemes.com) is a popular Wordpress development agency founded by David and Marc Perel in 2005, offering a wide range of premium mobile friendly Responsive Wordpress Themes. The Obox Responsive Theme collection (oboxthemes.com/themes/responsive) more »


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