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About Social Influencer Networks/Platforms

In short, Influencer Marketing is the practice of identifying industry influencers and marketing to, through, and/or with them. More specifically, Social Media Influencer Marketing is the practice of identifying social media influencers within specific niches, establishing relationships with those influencers, and ultimately publishing branded social content to their audiences. This type of marketing/advertising can generate valuable “earned” (aka Word of Mouth) media and often produces much more desirable results then other more traditional media advertising channels.  Social Influencer Networks and Platforms are websites that help facilitate Social Media Influencer Marketing, either directly or indirectly. Social Influencer Networks help connect advertisers looking to publish sponsored Social content to Social Influencers (publishers) looking to monetize their social audiences and work as a  payment and communication intermediary between the two. This allows advertisers cut out much of the ground work typically involved with this type of marketing and simply select publishers (available in the network) according to their specifications and the Social Media Network/s they want their branded content to be published on (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blog, etc.). After branded content is published, most networks provide in depth analytics and reporting in-order to help measure the effectiveness and ROI of each campaign and provide other insights.  Influencer Marketing Platforms are web applications that help marketers identify, establish, manage, and track relationships/campaigns with Social Influencers. Unlike Influencer Ad Networks that are typically priced on a per campaign basis and geared towards brands with large advertising budgets, most Influencer Marketing Platforms are priced on a monthly usage basis and typically provide a relatively more affordable and customizable Influencer Marketing solution. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the Top Social Influencer Networks and Platforms currently available. Listed separately are Social Media Analytics tools/software and Social Media Marketing/Management software, some of which include influencer identification and marketing features built-in. Also listed separately within our Twitter Marketing category are Sponsored Tweet Marketplaces.

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Social Influencer Networks


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Date Listed:November 14, 2014

Price:Custom Quotes

About:Klout ( is a popular Social influence scoring and analytics platform founded 2008 by Joe Fernandez and Binh Tran. Klout aggregates data from the Top Social Networks to create user profiles which are assigned more »


Date Listed:December 08, 2014

Price:Free demo, pricing not published

About:SocialFlow ( is a data driven organic and sponsored Social Media distribution network founded by Frank Speiser and Mike Perrone in 2009. SocialFlow uses real-time data to enable more timely and relevant social content more »


Date Listed:July 16, 2013

Price:CPC, CPM, or CPA

About:BuzzParadise ( is an international Social Content sponsorship network originally founded in 2005. BuzzParadise allows advertisers to connect with social influencers for sponsored Social advertising campaigns and for Publishers (social influencers) to monetize their more »


Date Listed:June 16, 2013

Price:Pay Per Post

About:Izea ( is a leading Social Media content sponsorship network first established in 2007 by Ted Murphy. The Izea network includes several popular Sponsored Social Media Marketplaces including: Sponsored Tweets, PayPerPost, and SocialSpark. IZEA more »


Date Listed:September 08, 2013

Price:Campaign pricing, $25,000 minimum

About:Adly ( is a Social Media Endorsement platform established in 2009. Adly connects brands and agencies with celebrities and other influencers to further their reach, engage deeper, and drive leads and sales. Features of more »


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