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About Ad Retargeting

Ad Re-targeting or Re-marketing is a form of targeted display advertising in which Ad Networks serve related ads to a viewer after they leave the advertisers website without making a purchase. This form of advertising maximizes the engagement with potential customers since they have already shown interest in the advertisers product or service and studies have shown that the ROI (return on investment) is higher then typical ad serving. Retargeting is a growing online marketing strategy and there are several advertising agencies that specialize in Re-targeting along with several more Ad Serving Networks that include it as a additional targeting option. Listed below for user reviews and comparison are the top Retargeting Ad Networks in the industry.

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Retargeting Ad Networks


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Date Listed:February 07, 2012

Price:Cost Per Click (CPC)

About:Founded in 2005, Criteo (  offers one of the leading pay per click search Retargeting solutions on the web. Thier solution enables online e-commerce websites to re-target the potential clients who have left their more »


Date Listed:April 02, 2012


About:Founded in 2007 and purchased by MediaBank in 2011, AdBuyer ( offers advertisers a one-stop Re-targeting solution across the major exchanges, helping over 5,000 search marketers grow by allowing them to get the most more »


Date Listed:February 07, 2012

Price:$500 minimum for up to 175,000 impressions

About:ReTargeter ( displays client's ads to previous website visitors after they have left the advertisers website without completing the desired action. Retargeter works with small and large businesses to provide one of the most effective more »


Date Listed:February 07, 2012

Price:Custom Proposals

About:FetchBack ( was established in 2007 by Chad Little and is headquartered in Tempe, AZ. Fetchback prides itself in pioneering the Retargeting industry. Fetchback's retargeting ensures that client ads are displayed on most of the sites more »


Date Listed:February 08, 2012

Price:CPC or CPM

About:Chango ( is a unique SEARCH Retargeting Platform first founded in 2008 by Chris Sukornyk. Traditional Retargeting only advertises to customers who have been to your site before. Whereas Search re-targeting finds new customers more »


Date Listed:February 08, 2012

Price:CPA, CPC, or CPM. Free Trial

About:Founded in 2007, AdRoll (  is one of the largest Retargeting Networks with a flexible platform for both small and large advertisers. AdRoll has a reach that is approximately 97% across the web and AdRoll customers more »


Date Listed:February 08, 2012

Price:CPA, $500 minimum

About:Owned and operated by AdMedia Inc, AdRetargeting ( is another Ad Retargeting service offering cost per action (CPA) pricing so advertisers do not pay for uninterested viewers. Adretargeting's platform is easy to implement only taking minutes more »


Date Listed:February 08, 2012

Price:Risk free pay for performance revenue share.

About:MediaForge (, based out of Salt Lake City, is an emerging and innovative leader in the quickly growing marketing strategy of Retargeting. In October of 2012, mediaForge was acquired by Rakuten LinkShare, a leading affiliate marketing company. One of mediaForge's key features is creating more »


Date Listed:February 08, 2012

Price:Revenue Share and CPC pricing

About:SteelHouse (  is a unique behavioral commerce advertising company that allows retailers to move from insight to action with no time loss. With their innovative "Real Time Offer" clients can target shoppers and create almost instant more »


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