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About Google Adwords Advertising

Released in October of 2000, Google Adwords is the advertising platform for Google's sponsored search ads and their Content Network Ads. Google AdWords provides advertisers the ability to place sponsored search based text advertisements throughout their search network, as well as text, banner, and rich media ads via their large network of websites that serve Google Ads. Pricing for Google Adwords sponsored keyword listings are CPC (cost per click) bid based, with both CPC and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) pricing options available for sponsored ads on their Content Network. Adword text advertisements are character limited, consisting of a top headline with a maximum of 25 characters and two text lines, both with a maximum of 35 characters. Correctly advertising on Adwords can provide businesses extremely targeted and high converting visitors. However, due to its popularity and bid based pricing structure, the cost to advertise on Adwords can often outweigh the benefit. Unlike the Adwords of several years ago, with today’s competitive online advertising market most new Adwords advertisers will find a steep learning curve for effective and profitable campaigns. Fortunately, as such a popular and potentially effective advertising method, there are numerous Google Advertising services, products, tools, and training programs/tutorials to help those looking to profitably advertise via Google Adwords. Listed and categorized for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Google Adwords Keyword Software/Tools, Google Adwords Management Services, Google Adwords Management Software, Google Adwords Books, and Google Adwords Training Programs and Tutorials. Also covering Google Adwords in addition to other Sponsored Search Advertising platforms is our broader Search Engine Marketing (PPC) category and its several sub-categories.

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Google Adwords Advertising


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Date Listed:July 20, 2012

Price:Free limited access, Premium memberships starting @ $79.00 /mo.

Sub-Category: Adwords Keyword Software

About:Founded by Mike Roberts in 2006, SpyFu ( is a popular Keyword research and competitive analysis Software that can be used for both PPC/Google Adwords campaigns and SEO purposes. For PPC keyword research SpyFu more »


Date Listed:July 18, 2012

Price:Starting @ $500 /mo plus performance fees

Sub-Category: Adwords Management Services

About:BoostCTR ( is a Ad optimization service for Google Adwords, and Microsoft Ad Center, and Facebook Ads. BoostCTR's community of more than 500 expert ad copywriters and their ad split testing technology has provided more »


Date Listed:July 12, 2012

Price:$19.79 + s/h

Sub-Category: Google Adwords Books

About:Your Google Game Plan for Success is a 456 page Google Adwords "how to" book written by Joe Teixeira. Joe Teixeira is a expert Web Analytics & Insights Analyst for TBC Corporation, providing his more »


Date Listed:July 28, 2012


Sub-Category: Google Adwords Training

About:Available via, Advanced Google Adwords ( is a comprehensive advanced Google Advertising course provided by Webucator, a popular provider of Web based training programs. is a "online training course" platform connecting more »


Date Listed:July 19, 2012


Sub-Category: Adwords Management Software

About:Placement Intelligence ( is a unique Google Adwords software program created by online marketer and programmer Robert Matthew. The software makes it easy to find highly targeted and relevant web pages for advanced Adwords more »


Date Listed:March 14, 2013

Price:$1.00 30 day trial, then $67.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Adwords Keyword Software

About:Affilorama PPC Tools ( are a set of PPC and Google Adwords tools that are included in the Affilorama Premium membership. Affilorama ( is a popular Internet Marketing training membership focusing on Affiliate Marketing, more »


Date Listed:July 18, 2012

Price:$5.00 14 day trial, $59.00 /mo thereafter

Sub-Category: Adwords Management Services

About:Advertising Web Service ( is an affordable Google Adwords management service, established since 2006. Advertising Web Service Adwords Management includes custom written and high converting ads specific to each client, customized keyword lists for more »


Date Listed:July 12, 2012

Price:$18.96 + s/h

Sub-Category: Google Adwords Books

About:The Complete Guide to Google AdWords is a 288 page Google Adwords "how to" book written by Larisa Lovelady. Larisa is a self employed Freelance Consultant, Project Manager, Writer and Editor who gained her more »


Date Listed:February 18, 2013

Price:Free 7 day trial, $79.00 /mo, $199.00 /quarter or $699.00 /year

Sub-Category: Google Adwords Training

About:Certified Knowledge ( is a complete Google Adwords Advertising Training membership that provides access to a full suite of Adwords training videos and Adwords optimization tools. The Certified Knowledge training program was established by more »


Date Listed:July 29, 2012


Sub-Category: Adwords Management Software

About:Google Adwords Editor ( is Google's free application for easier bulk management and offline management of AdWords campaigns. With the Adwords Editor users can download their accounts, update and edit campaigns offline, and then more »


Date Listed:January 21, 2014

Price:$69.00 /mo or $690.00 /yr

Sub-Category: Adwords Keyword Software

About:SearchMetrics Essentials SEM ( is a robust Google Adwords Keyword analytics and reporting tool. The SearchMetrics Essentials SEM tool focuses on Google Adwords Campaigns and goes beyond Google's own Adwords tool by reporting keyword more »


Date Listed:July 25, 2012

Price:$500 minimum monthly ad spend, $300 /mo + set up fee

Sub-Category: Adwords Management Services

About:Providing Adwords Management services since 2003, JumpFly ( is a popular Search Engine Management agency with a team of PPC professionals managing Adwords campaigns for over 300 clients. JumpFly has been recognized as a top more »


Date Listed:July 13, 2012

Price:Starting @ $49.00

Sub-Category: Google Adwords Training

About:Perry Marshall's The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords ( is undoubtedly one of the most if not the single most popular Google Adwords training programs ever made available. Having been touted as the "world's more »


Date Listed:February 18, 2013

Price:7 day free trial, $25.00 /mo for access to all Lynda courses

Sub-Category: Google Adwords Training

About:The Google AdWords Essential Training ( is an Online Google Adwords training course presented by David Booth from the Video Training library. was founded in 1995 and is a trusted online more »


Date Listed:May 21, 2012

Price:$339 /month plus 1 x $200 setup fee

Sub-Category: Adwords Management Services

About:IneedHits ( is a popular and well established Website Marketing company providing a variety of SEO, SEM, and other website marketing services including their monthly Google Adwords (PPC) service ( The Ineedhits Google Adwords more »


Date Listed:July 10, 2012

Price:$16.99 + s/h

Sub-Category: Google Adwords Books

About:Advanced Google Adwords is a 552 page Google Adwords "how to" book authored by Adwords expert, Brad Geddes. Brad Geddes has been a Google Advertising and Microsoft Advertising professional since their launches. Brad works more »


Date Listed:July 16, 2012

Price:$29.98 /mo

Sub-Category: Google Adwords Training

About:First established in 2007 by experienced Adwords expert, Steven Holdaway, Google Money Pro ( is a comprehensive Google Adwords training program for both beginners and experienced users. As a consistently updated course with over more »


Date Listed:June 30, 2012

Price:Free Trial, 5% of monthly ad spend, Minimum $499 /mo

Sub-Category: Adwords Management Software

About:Marin Software ( is a leading provider of online ad management solutions, providing an integrated platform for managing online search and display advertising campaigns. The Marin Software platform helps online advertisers and advertising agencies more »


Date Listed:July 22, 2012

Price:Free Trial, Full access starting at $89.00 /mo

Sub-Category: Adwords Keyword Software

About:KeyWord Spy ( is a popular Keyword Software that allows users to spy on competitor's campaigns, find profitable keyword and ad copy combinations, and replicate their success. KeywordSpy's keyword database is updated daily and more »


Date Listed:May 19, 2012

Price:$6.00 - $30.00 /hr or negotiated hourly or project pricing

Sub-Category: Adwords Management Services

About:The Odesk outsourcing platform ( has several contractors offering Google Adwords managment services ( as well as other PPC advertising management services. Hourly prices for Google Adwords contractors on Odesk ranges anywhere from $6.00 more »


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