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About Facebook Marketing & Advertising

In recent years Facebook has emerged as a leading marketing and advertising channel for businesses and websites. Whether a large corporate brand, a small local business, or an Online Marketer – Facebook presents a great opportunity to engage current and potential customers, develop customer relationships, and ultimately increase sales. However, successfully Marketing and /or Advertising on Facebook involves much more than just setting up a Fan Page, occasionally posting updates, and hoping for the best. Successfully utilizing Facebook as a Marketing channel involves several factors including but not limited to: a well designed Fan Page, building a loyal Fan Base, well planned Facebook Advertising campaigns, Fan Gate landing pages, consistent engagement with fans (via wall posts, coupons, contests, polls, videos etc.), responding to wall posts and messages, cross channel integration and promotion, analyzing traffic, and tweaking campaigns. Fortunately, along with the growth of Facebook itself a multitude Facebook Marketing and Advertising products, services and other resources have also become available designed to help marketers and businesses get the most out of the platform. Listed and organized within this category for user reviews and comparison are the TOP Facebook Marketing Training Programs and Tutorials, Facebook Advertising Training Courses and Tutorials, Facebook Marketing Books, Fan Page Design Services, Fan Page Design Software/Templates, Fan Page Management Services, Facebook Ad Management Services, Facebook Ad Management Software, Fan Page App Management Platforms. Also covering Facebook Marketing as part of a complete Social Marketing strategy is our Social Media Marketing category and it’s several sub-categories.

Facebook Marketing & Advertising


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Date Listed:June 05, 2012

Price:Negotiated hourly or project pricing

Sub-Category: Facebook Ad Management Services

About:Currently, Freelancer (www.freelancer.com) does not have many specific set priced Facebook Ad Management Services listed on their Freemarket (www.freelancer.com/marketplace). However, as one of the largest freelancer and crowdsourcing platforms online, with thousands of experienced more »


Date Listed:June 16, 2012

Price:Free limited version, starting @ $13.25 /mo for full

Sub-Category: Fan Page Design Software

About:PageModo (www.PageModo.com) is a Popular Facebook Fan Page design application allowing small businesses to quickly design and publish professional Facebook Business Fan Pages. Since their launch in 2010, over 300,000 customers have used Pagemodo more »


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